BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
developmentuio: allow use on nommu systemsRich Felker3 years
for-nextsh: kernel: traps: remove unused variableAnders Roxell7 weeks
j2-develfutex: fix shared futex operations on nommuRich Felker5 years
j2-stablesh: add device tree source for J2 FPGA on Mimas v2 boardRich Felker5 years
jcore-4.6irqchip/jcore: revert to safer fix for percpu irqsRich Felker5 years
jcore-4.8irqchip/jcore: don't show Kconfig menu item for driverRich Felker4 years
masterMerge tag 'armsoc-fixes-v5.7' of git:// Torvalds11 months
temp-j2sh: add device tree source for J2 FPGA on Mimas v2 boardRich Felker5 years
v4.6-rc3+j2spi: fix jcore bitbang driver to honor requested clock rateRich Felker5 years
v4.6-rc5+j2ethernet/jcore_emac: add J-Core ethernet driverRich Felker5 years
v5.11linux-sh-5.11.tar.gz  Linus Torvalds2 months
v5.11-rc7linux-sh-5.11-rc7.tar.gz  Linus Torvalds2 months
v5.11-rc6linux-sh-5.11-rc6.tar.gz  Linus Torvalds2 months
v5.11-rc5linux-sh-5.11-rc5.tar.gz  Linus Torvalds3 months
sh-for-5.11linux-sh-sh-for-5.11.tar.gz  Rich Felker3 months
v5.11-rc4linux-sh-5.11-rc4.tar.gz  Linus Torvalds3 months
v5.11-rc3linux-sh-5.11-rc3.tar.gz  Linus Torvalds3 months
v5.11-rc2linux-sh-5.11-rc2.tar.gz  Linus Torvalds3 months
v5.11-rc1linux-sh-5.11-rc1.tar.gz  Linus Torvalds4 months
v5.10linux-sh-5.10.tar.gz  Linus Torvalds4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorLines
2021-01-06sh/intc: Restore devm_ioremap() alignmentsh-for-5.11Geert Uytterhoeven-1/+1
2021-01-06sh: mach-sh03: remove duplicate includeWang Qing-1/+0
2021-01-06arch: sh: remove duplicate includeWang Qing-1/+0
2021-01-06sh: Drop ARCH_NR_GPIOS definitionAndy Shevchenko-1/+0
2021-01-06sh: Remove unused HAVE_COPY_THREAD_TLS macroJinyang He-1/+0
2021-01-06sh: remove CONFIG_IDE from most defconfigChristoph Hellwig-18/+6
2021-01-06sh: mm: Convert to DEFINE_SHOW_ATTRIBUTEQinglang Miao-39/+6
2021-01-06sh: intc: Convert to DEFINE_SHOW_ATTRIBUTEQinglang Miao-12/+2
2021-01-06arch/sh: hyphenate Non-Uniform in Kconfig promptRandy Dunlap-1/+1
2021-01-06sh: dma: fix kconfig dependency for G2_DMANecip Fazil Yildiran-2/+1