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committerLinus Torvalds <>2013-05-01 07:21:43 -0700
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Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Pull compat cleanup from Al Viro: "Mostly about syscall wrappers this time; there will be another pile with patches in the same general area from various people, but I'd rather push those after both that and vfs.git pile are in." * 'for-linus' of git:// syscalls.h: slightly reduce the jungles of macros get rid of union semop in sys_semctl(2) arguments make do_mremap() static sparc: no need to sign-extend in sync_file_range() wrapper ppc compat wrappers for add_key(2) and request_key(2) are pointless x86: trim sys_ia32.h x86: sys32_kill and sys32_mprotect are pointless get rid of compat_sys_semctl() and friends in case of ARCH_WANT_OLD_COMPAT_IPC merge compat sys_ipc instances consolidate compat lookup_dcookie() convert vmsplice to COMPAT_SYSCALL_DEFINE switch getrusage() to COMPAT_SYSCALL_DEFINE switch epoll_pwait to COMPAT_SYSCALL_DEFINE convert sendfile{,64} to COMPAT_SYSCALL_DEFINE switch signalfd{,4}() to COMPAT_SYSCALL_DEFINE make SYSCALL_DEFINE<n>-generated wrappers do asmlinkage_protect make HAVE_SYSCALL_WRAPPERS unconditional consolidate cond_syscall and SYSCALL_ALIAS declarations teach SYSCALL_DEFINE<n> how to deal with long long/unsigned long long get rid of duplicate logics in __SC_....[1-6] definitions
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diff --git a/kernel/compat.c b/kernel/compat.c
index 1e8f1455117a..0a09e481b70b 100644
--- a/kernel/compat.c
+++ b/kernel/compat.c
@@ -516,25 +516,6 @@ int put_compat_rusage(const struct rusage *r, struct compat_rusage __user *ru)
return 0;
-asmlinkage long compat_sys_getrusage(int who, struct compat_rusage __user *ru)
- struct rusage r;
- int ret;
- mm_segment_t old_fs = get_fs();
- set_fs(KERNEL_DS);
- ret = sys_getrusage(who, (struct rusage __user *) &r);
- set_fs(old_fs);
- if (ret)
- return ret;
- if (put_compat_rusage(&r, ru))
- return -EFAULT;
- return 0;
compat_pid_t, pid,
compat_uint_t __user *, stat_addr,