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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorLines
2016-10-02Merge git:// Torvalds-49/+73
2016-10-01Merge tag 'scsi-fixes' of git:// Torvalds-1/+3
2016-09-30Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// Torvalds-0/+6
2016-09-30tg3: Avoid NULL pointer dereference in tg3_io_error_detected()Milton Miller-5/+5
2016-09-29Merge tag 'drm-fixes-for-v4.8-final' of git:// Torvalds-3/+16
2016-09-29Merge branch 'libnvdimm-fixes' of git:// Torvalds-32/+68
2016-09-28Merge tag 'for-linus-20160928' of git:// Torvalds-1/+4
2016-09-27Merge remote-tracking branch 'mkp-scsi/4.8/scsi-fixes' into fixesJames Bottomley-1/+3
2016-09-28drm/udl: fix line iterator in damage handlingDavid Herrmann-1/+1
2016-09-28Merge branch 'linux-4.8' of git:// into drm-fixesDave Airlie-1/+8
2016-09-28Merge branch 'drm-fixes-4.8' of git:// int...Dave Airlie-1/+7
2016-09-27drm/radeon/si/dpm: add workaround for for Jet partsAlex Deucher-0/+6
2016-09-27drm/amdgpu: disable CRTCs before teardownGrazvydas Ignotas-1/+1
2016-09-27Revert "net: ethernet: bcmgenet: use phydev from struct net_device"Florian Fainelli-31/+39
2016-09-27net: fec: align IP header in hardwareEric Nelson-1/+10
2016-09-27net: fec: remove QUIRK_HAS_RACC from i.mx27Eric Nelson-1/+1
2016-09-27net: fec: remove QUIRK_HAS_RACC from i.mx25Eric Nelson-1/+1
2016-09-26Input: joydev - recognize devices with Z axis as joysticksVille Ranki-0/+6
2016-09-26scsi: Avoid that toggling use_blk_mq triggers a memory leakBart Van Assche-1/+3
2016-09-24Merge branch 'irq-urgent-for-linus' of git:// Torvalds-58/+54
2016-09-24libnvdimm, region: fix flush hint table thinkoDan Williams-10/+32
2016-09-23Merge branch 'i2c/for-current' of git:// Torvalds-9/+14
2016-09-23Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// Torvalds-7/+9
2016-09-23Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// Torvalds-1/+1
2016-09-23Merge tag 'regmap-fix-v4.8-rc7' of git:// Torvalds-1/+5
2016-09-23Merge tag 'tags/nand-fixes-for-4.8-rc8' of git:// Torvalds-7/+14
2016-09-23Merge tag 'mmc-v4.8-rc7' of git:// Torvalds-5/+12
2016-09-23Merge tag 'linux-can-fixes-for-4.8-20160922' of git:// S. Miller-10/+17
2016-09-22nvme-rdma: only clear queue flags after successful connectSagi Grimberg-1/+1
2016-09-22i2c: qup: skip qup_i2c_suspend if the device is already runtime suspendedSudeep Holla-1/+2
2016-09-22Merge tag 'media/v4.8-7' of git:// Torvalds-70/+106
2016-09-22Merge git:// Torvalds-246/+411
2016-09-22regmap: fix deadlock on _regmap_raw_write() error pathNikita Yushchenko-1/+5
2016-09-22can: dev: fix deadlock reported after bus-offSergei Miroshnichenko-10/+17
2016-09-22mmc: dw_mmc: fix the spamming log messageJaehoon Chung-5/+12
2016-09-22drm/nouveau: Revert "bus: remove cpu_coherent flag"Karol Herbst-1/+5
2016-09-22drm/nouveau/fifo/nv04: avoid ramht race against cookie insertionIlia Mirkin-0/+3
2016-09-22Merge tag 'linux-can-fixes-for-4.8-20160921' of git:// S. Miller-1/+10
2016-09-22net/mlx4_core: Fix to clean devlink resourcesKamal Heib-0/+3
2016-09-21Merge tag 'wireless-drivers-for-davem-2016-09-20' of git:// S. Miller-10/+9
2016-09-21i2c: mux: pca954x: retry updating the mux selection on failurePeter Rosin-1/+1
2016-09-21nfit: fail DSMs that return non-zero status by defaultDan Williams-20/+28
2016-09-21libnvdimm: fix devm_nvdimm_memremap() error pathDan Williams-1/+7
2016-09-21i2c-eg20t: fix race between i2c init and interrupt
2016-09-21net: can: ifi: Configure transmitter delayMarek Vasut-1/+10
2016-09-21r8152: disable ALDPS and EEE before setting PHYhayeswang-2/+8
2016-09-21r8152: remove r8153_enable_eeehayeswang-7/+3
2016-09-21r8152: move PHY settings to hw_phy_cfghayeswang-6/+8
2016-09-21r8152: move enabling PHYhayeswang-18/+25
2016-09-21r8152: move some functionshayeswang-112/+112