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authorJason Wang <>2012-05-31 18:19:48 +0000
committerDavid S. Miller <>2012-06-01 14:22:11 -0400
commit0bc777bca480357941418952cf228484f5485daf (patch)
parentb01af4579ec41f48e9b9c774e70bd6474ad210db (diff)
8139cp/8139too: terminate the eeprom access with the right opmode
Currently, we terminate the eeprom access through clearing the CS by: RTL_W8 (Cfg9346, ~EE_CS); or writeb (~EE_CS, ee_addr); This would left the eeprom into "Config. Register Write Enable:" state which is not expcted as the highest two bits were set to 0x11 ( expected is the "Normal" mode (0x00)). Solving this by write 0x0 instead of ~EE_CS when terminating the eeprom access. Signed-off-by: Jason Wang <> Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <>
2 files changed, 2 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/drivers/net/ethernet/realtek/8139cp.c b/drivers/net/ethernet/realtek/8139cp.c
index 7f08779acba4..995d0cfc4c06 100644
--- a/drivers/net/ethernet/realtek/8139cp.c
+++ b/drivers/net/ethernet/realtek/8139cp.c
@@ -1636,7 +1636,7 @@ static void eeprom_cmd(void __iomem *ee_addr, int cmd, int cmd_len)
static void eeprom_cmd_end(void __iomem *ee_addr)
- writeb (~EE_CS, ee_addr);
+ writeb(0, ee_addr);
eeprom_delay ();
diff --git a/drivers/net/ethernet/realtek/8139too.c b/drivers/net/ethernet/realtek/8139too.c
index 03df076ed596..1d83565cc6af 100644
--- a/drivers/net/ethernet/realtek/8139too.c
+++ b/drivers/net/ethernet/realtek/8139too.c
@@ -1173,7 +1173,7 @@ static int __devinit read_eeprom (void __iomem *ioaddr, int location, int addr_l
/* Terminate the EEPROM access. */
- RTL_W8 (Cfg9346, ~EE_CS);
+ RTL_W8(Cfg9346, 0);
eeprom_delay ();
return retval;