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[ACPI] generic Hot Key support
See Documentation/acpi-hotkey.txt Use cmdline "acpi_specific_hotkey" to enable legacy platform specific drivers. Signed-off-by: Luming Yu <> Signed-off-by: Len Brown <>
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+driver/acpi/hotkey.c implement:
+1. /proc/acpi/hotkey/event_config
+(event based hotkey or event config interface):
+a. add a event based hotkey(event) :
+echo "0:bus::action:method:num:num" > event_config
+b. delete a event based hotkey(event):
+echo "1:::::num:num" > event_config
+c. modify a event based hotkey(event):
+echo "2:bus::action:method:num:num" > event_config
+2. /proc/acpi/hotkey/poll_config
+(polling based hotkey or event config interface):
+a.add a polling based hotkey(event) :
+echo "0:bus:method:action:method:num" > poll_config
+this adding command will create a proc file
+/proc/acpi/hotkey/method, which is used to get
+result of polling.
+b.delete a polling based hotkey(event):
+echo "1:::::num" > event_config
+c.modify a polling based hotkey(event):
+echo "2:bus:method:action:method:num" > poll_config
+(interface to call aml method associated with a
+specific hotkey(event))
+echo "event_num:event_type:event_argument" >
+ /proc/acpi/hotkey/action.
+The result of the execution of this aml method is
+attached to /proc/acpi/hotkey/poll_method, which is dnyamically
+created. Please use command "cat /proc/acpi/hotkey/polling_method"
+to retrieve it.