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Merge branch 'for-4.3' of git://
Pull cgroup updates from Tejun Heo: - a new PIDs controller is added. It turns out that PIDs are actually an independent resource from kmem due to the limited PID space. - more core preparations for the v2 interface. Once cpu side interface is settled, it should be ready for lifting the devel mask. for-4.3-unified-base was temporarily branched so that other trees (block) can pull cgroup core changes that blkcg changes depend on. - a non-critical idr_preload usage bug fix. * 'for-4.3' of git:// cgroup: pids: fix invalid get/put usage cgroup: introduce cgroup_subsys->legacy_name cgroup: don't print subsystems for the default hierarchy cgroup: make cftype->private a unsigned long cgroup: export cgrp_dfl_root cgroup: define controller file conventions cgroup: fix idr_preload usage cgroup: add documentation for the PIDs controller cgroup: implement the PIDs subsystem cgroup: allow a cgroup subsystem to reject a fork
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- Network classifier cgroups details and usages.
- Network priority cgroups details and usages.
+ - Process number cgroups details and usages.
- Resource Counter API.