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+Time Interpolators
+Time interpolators are a base of time calculation between timer ticks and
+allow an accurate determination of time down to the accuracy of the time
+source in nanoseconds.
+The architecture specific code typically provides gettimeofday and
+settimeofday under Linux. The time interpolator provides both if an arch
+defines CONFIG_TIME_INTERPOLATION. The arch still must set up timer tick
+operations and call the necessary functions to advance the clock.
+With the time interpolator a standardized interface exists for time
+interpolation between ticks. The provided logic is highly scalable
+and has been tested in SMP situations of up to 512 CPUs.
+If CONFIG_TIME_INTERPOLATION is defined then the architecture specific code
+(or the device drivers - like HPET) may register time interpolators.
+These are typically defined in the following way:
+static struct time_interpolator my_interpolator {
+ .frequency = MY_FREQUENCY,
+ .source = TIME_SOURCE_MMIO32,
+ .shift = 8, /* scaling for higher accuracy */
+ .drift = -1, /* Unknown drift */
+ .jitter = 0 /* time source is stable */
+void time_init(void)
+ ....
+ /* Initialization of the timer *.
+ my_interpolator.address = &my_timer;
+ register_time_interpolator(&my_interpolator);
+ ....
+For more details see include/linux/timex.h and kernel/timer.c.
+Christoph Lameter <>, October 31, 2004