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[ACPI] re-enable platform-specific hotkey drivers by default
When both platform-specific and generic drivers exist, enable generic over-ride with "acpi_generic_hotkey". Signed-off-by: Luming Yu <> Signed-off-by: Len Brown <>
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@@ -33,3 +33,6 @@ The result of the execution of this aml method is
attached to /proc/acpi/hotkey/poll_method, which is dnyamically
created. Please use command "cat /proc/acpi/hotkey/polling_method"
to retrieve it.
+Note: Use cmdline "acpi_generic_hotkey" to over-ride
+loading any platform specific drivers.
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@@ -159,6 +159,11 @@ running once the system is up.
acpi_fake_ecdt [HW,ACPI] Workaround failure due to BIOS lacking ECDT
+ acpi_generic_hotkey [HW,ACPI]
+ Allow consolidated generic hotkey driver to
+ over-ride platform specific driver.
+ See also Documentation/acpi-hotkey.txt.
ad1816= [HW,OSS]
Format: <io>,<irq>,<dma>,<dma2>
See also Documentation/sound/oss/AD1816.