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rcu: Don't disable CPU hotplug during OOM notifiers
RCU's rcu_oom_notify() disables CPU hotplug in order to stabilize the list of online CPUs, which it traverses. However, this is completely pointless because smp_call_function_single() will quietly fail if invoked on an offline CPU. Because the count of requests is incremented in the rcu_oom_notify_cpu() function that is remotely invoked, everything works nicely even in the face of concurrent CPU-hotplug operations. Furthermore, in recent kernels, invoking get_online_cpus() from an OOM notifier can result in deadlock. This commit therefore removes the call to get_online_cpus() and put_online_cpus() from rcu_oom_notify(). Reported-by: Marcin Ślusarz <> Reported-by: David Rientjes <> Signed-off-by: Paul E. McKenney <> Acked-by: David Rientjes <> Tested-by: Marcin Ślusarz <>
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