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Merge branch 'x86/boot' of git://
Pull x86 boot changes from Peter Anvin: "This patchset is a set of cleanups aiming at librarize some of the common code from the boot environments. We currently have three different "little environments" (boot, boot/compressed, and realmode/rm) in x86, and we are likely to soon get a fourth one (kexec/purgatory, which will have to be integrated in the kernel to support secure kexec). This is primarily a cleanup in the anticipation of the latter. While Vivek implemented this, he ran into some bugs, in particular the memcmp implementation for when gcc punts from using the builtin would have a misnamed symbol, causing compilation errors if we were ever unlucky enough that gcc didn't want to inline the test" * 'x86/boot' of git:// x86, boot: Move memset() definition in compressed/string.c x86, boot: Move memcmp() into string.h and string.c x86, boot: Move optimized memcpy() 32/64 bit versions to compressed/string.c x86, boot: Create a separate string.h file to provide standard string functions x86, boot: Undef memcmp before providing a new definition
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