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Merge tag 'spi-v4.8' of git://
Pull spi updates from Mark Brown: "Quite a lot of cleanup and maintainence work going on this release in various drivers, and also a fix for a nasty locking issue in the core: - A fix for locking issues when external drivers explicitly locked the bus with spi_bus_lock() - we were using the same lock to both control access to the physical bus in multi-threaded I/O operations and exclude multiple callers. Confusion between these two caused us to have scenarios where we were dropping locks. These are fixed by splitting into two separate locks like should have been done originally, making everything much clearer and correct. - Support for DMA in spi_flash_read(). - Support for instantiating spidev on ACPI systems, including some test devices used in Windows validation. - Use of the core DMA mapping functionality in the McSPI driver. - Start of support for ThunderX SPI controllers, involving a very big set of changes to the Cavium driver. - Support for Braswell, Exynos 5433, Kaby Lake, Merrifield, RK3036, RK3228, RK3368 controllers" * tag 'spi-v4.8' of git:// (64 commits) spi: Split bus and I/O locking spi: octeon: Split driver into Octeon specific and common parts spi: octeon: Move include file from arch/mips to drivers/spi spi: octeon: Put register offsets into a struct spi: octeon: Store system clock freqency in struct octeon_spi spi: octeon: Convert driver to use readq()/writeq() functions spi: pic32-sqi: fixup wait_for_completion_timeout return handling spi: pic32: fixup wait_for_completion_timeout return handling spi: rockchip: limit transfers to (64K - 1) bytes spi: xilinx: Return IRQ_NONE if no interrupts were detected spi: xilinx: Handle errors from platform_get_irq() spi: s3c64xx: restore removed comments spi: s3c64xx: add Exynos5433 compatible for ioclk handling spi: s3c64xx: use error code from clk_prepare_enable() spi: s3c64xx: rename goto labels to meaningful names spi: s3c64xx: document the clocks and the clock-name property spi: s3c64xx: add exynos5433 spi compatible spi: s3c64xx: fix reference leak to master in s3c64xx_spi_remove() spi: spi-sh: Remove deprecated create_singlethread_workqueue spi: spi-topcliff-pch: Remove deprecated create_singlethread_workqueue ...
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