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Merge tag 'fbdev-3.14' of git://
Pull fbdev changes from Tomi Valkeinen: "This is a rather boring pull request. There is one new fb driver, OpenCores VGA/LCD, but other than that it's just minor cleanups and fixes" * tag 'fbdev-3.14' of git:// (51 commits) i810: delete useless variable video: add OpenCores VGA/LCD framebuffer driver video/logo: Remove MIPS-specific include section tgafb: potential NULL dereference in init video: mmp: Using plain integer as NULL pointer video: mmp: delete a stray mutex_unlock() video: amba-clcd: Make CLCD driver available on more platforms video: Replace local macro with PCI standard macro fbmem: really support wildcard video=options for all fbdev drivers video: vgacon: Don't build on arm64 video: mx3fb: Allow blocking during framebuffer allocation fbcon: Fix memory leak in fbcon_exit(). fbcon: trivial optimization for fbcon_exit video: pxa168fb: Cleanup pxa168fb.h file video: pxa: Cleanup video-pxafb.h header video: msm: Cleanup video-msm_fb.h header video: ep93xx: Cleanup video-ep93xx.h header video: mxsfb: fix broken videomode selection video: mxsfb: convert pr_debug()/dev_dbg() to pr_err()/dev_err() for error messages video: vmlfb: remove unnecessary pci_set_drvdata() ...
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