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committerLinus Torvalds <>2019-05-07 19:06:04 -0700
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Merge tag 'audit-pr-20190507' of git://
Pull audit updates from Paul Moore: "We've got a reasonably broad set of audit patches for the v5.2 merge window, the highlights are below: - The biggest change, and the source of all the arch/* changes, is the patchset from Dmitry to help enable some of the work he is doing around PTRACE_GET_SYSCALL_INFO. To be honest, including this in the audit tree is a bit of a stretch, but it does help move audit a little further along towards proper syscall auditing for all arches, and everyone else seemed to agree that audit was a "good" spot for this to land (or maybe they just didn't want to merge it? dunno.). - We can now audit time/NTP adjustments. - We continue the work to connect associated audit records into a single event" * tag 'audit-pr-20190507' of git:// (21 commits) audit: fix a memory leak bug ntp: Audit NTP parameters adjustment timekeeping: Audit clock adjustments audit: purge unnecessary list_empty calls audit: link integrity evm_write_xattrs record to syscall event syscall_get_arch: add "struct task_struct *" argument unicore32: define syscall_get_arch() Move EM_UNICORE to uapi/linux/elf-em.h nios2: define syscall_get_arch() nds32: define syscall_get_arch() Move EM_NDS32 to uapi/linux/elf-em.h m68k: define syscall_get_arch() hexagon: define syscall_get_arch() Move EM_HEXAGON to uapi/linux/elf-em.h h8300: define syscall_get_arch() c6x: define syscall_get_arch() arc: define syscall_get_arch() Move EM_ARCOMPACT and EM_ARCV2 to uapi/linux/elf-em.h audit: Make audit_log_cap and audit_copy_inode static audit: connect LOGIN record to its syscall record ...
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1 files changed, 7 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/arch/c6x/include/asm/syscall.h b/arch/c6x/include/asm/syscall.h
index 15ba8599858e..5bcdcb651b19 100644
--- a/arch/c6x/include/asm/syscall.h
+++ b/arch/c6x/include/asm/syscall.h
@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@
#ifndef __ASM_C6X_SYSCALL_H
#define __ASM_C6X_SYSCALL_H
+#include <uapi/linux/audit.h>
#include <linux/err.h>
#include <linux/sched.h>
@@ -69,4 +70,10 @@ static inline void syscall_set_arguments(struct task_struct *task,
regs->a9 = *args;
+static inline int syscall_get_arch(struct task_struct *task)
#endif /* __ASM_C6X_SYSCALLS_H */