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signal: Use force_sig_fault_to_task for the two calls that don't deliver to current
In preparation for removing the task parameter from force_sig_fault introduce force_sig_fault_to_task and use it for the two cases where it matters. On mips force_fcr31_sig calls force_sig_fault and is called on either the current task, or a task that is suspended and is being switched to by the scheduler. This is safe because the task being switched to by the scheduler is guaranteed to be suspended. This ensures that task->sighand is stable while the signal is delivered to it. On parisc user_enable_single_step calls force_sig_fault and is in turn called by ptrace_request. The function ptrace_request always calls user_enable_single_step on a child that is stopped for tracing. The child being traced and not reaped ensures that child->sighand is not NULL, and that the child will not change child->sighand. Signed-off-by: "Eric W. Biederman" <>
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