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csky: Add support for restartable sequence
Copied and adapted from vincent's patch, but modified for csky. ref: Add calls to rseq_signal_deliver(), rseq_handle_notify_resume() and rseq_syscall() to introduce RSEQ support. 1. Call the rseq_handle_notify_resume() function on return to userspace if TIF_NOTIFY_RESUME thread flag is set. 2. Call the rseq_signal_deliver() function to fixup on the pre-signal frame when a signal is delivered on top of a restartable sequence critical section. 3. Check that system calls are not invoked from within rseq critical sections by invoking rseq_signal() from ret_from_syscall(). With CONFIG_DEBUG_RSEQ, such behavior results in termination of the process with SIGSEGV. Signed-off-by: Guo Ren <>
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