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Merge branch 'for-4.3/drivers' of git://
Pull block driver updates from Jens Axboe: "On top of the 4.3 core block IO changes, here are the driver related changes for 4.3. Basically just NVMe and nbd this time around: - NVMe: - PRACT PI improvement from Alok Pandey. - Cleanups and improvements on submission queue doorbell and writing, using CMB if available. From Jon Derrick. - From Keith, support for setting queue maximum segments, and reset support. - Also from Jon, fixup of u64 division issue on 32-bit archs and wiring up of the reset support through and ioctl. - Two small cleanups from Matias and Sunad - Various code cleanups and fixes from Markus Pargmann" * 'for-4.3/drivers' of git:// NVMe: Using PRACT bit to generate and verify PI by controller NVMe:Remove unreachable code in nvme_abort_req NVMe: Add nvme subsystem reset IOCTL NVMe: Add nvme subsystem reset support NVMe: removed unused nn var from nvme_dev_add NVMe: Set queue max segments nbd: flags is a u32 variable nbd: Rename functions for clearness of recv/send path nbd: Change 'disconnect' to be boolean nbd: Add debugfs entries nbd: Remove variable 'pid' nbd: Move clear queue debug message nbd: Remove 'harderror' and propagate error properly nbd: restructure sock_shutdown nbd: sock_shutdown, remove conditional lock nbd: Fix timeout detection nvme: Fixes u64 division which breaks i386 builds NVMe: Use CMB for the IO SQes if available NVMe: Unify SQ entry writing and doorbell ringing
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