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Merge tag 'kbuild-v5.3' of git://
Pull Kbuild updates from Masahiro Yamada: - remove headers_{install,check}_all targets - remove unreasonable 'depends on !UML' from CONFIG_SAMPLES - re-implement 'make headers_install' more cleanly - add new header-test-y syntax to compile-test headers - compile-test exported headers to ensure they are compilable in user-space - compile-test headers under include/ to ensure they are self-contained - remove -Waggregate-return, -Wno-uninitialized, -Wno-unused-value flags - add -Werror=unknown-warning-option for Clang - add 128-bit built-in types support to genksyms - fix missed rebuild of modules.builtin - propagate 'No space left on device' error in fixdep to Make - allow Clang to use its integrated assembler - improve some coccinelle scripts - add a new flag KBUILD_ABS_SRCTREE to request Kbuild to use absolute path for $(srctree). - do not ignore errors when compression utility is missing - misc cleanups * tag 'kbuild-v5.3' of git:// (49 commits) kbuild: use -- separater intead of $(filter-out ...) for cc-cross-prefix kbuild: Inform user to pass ARCH= for make mrproper kbuild: fix compression errors getting ignored kbuild: add a flag to force absolute path for srctree kbuild: replace KBUILD_SRCTREE with boolean building_out_of_srctree kbuild: remove src and obj from the top Makefile scripts/ remove unused environment variables from comments scripts/ drop SUBARCH support for ARM kbuild: compile-test kernel headers to ensure they are self-contained kheaders: include only headers into kheaders_data.tar.xz kheaders: remove meaningless -R option of 'ls' kbuild: support header-test-pattern-y kbuild: do not create wrappers for header-test-y kbuild: compile-test exported headers to ensure they are self-contained init/Kconfig: add CONFIG_CC_CAN_LINK kallsyms: exclude kasan local symbols on s390 kbuild: add more hints about SUBDIRS replacement coccinelle: api/stream_open: treat all wait_.*() calls as blocking coccinelle: put_device: Add a cast to an expression for an assignment coccinelle: put_device: Adjust a message construction ...
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