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Merge branch 'for-4.6' of git://
Pull libata updates from Tejun Heo: - ahci grew runtime power management support so that the controller can be turned off if no devices are attached. - sata_via isn't dead yet. It got hotplug support and more refined workaround for certain WD drives. - Misc cleanups. There's a merge from for-4.5-fixes to avoid confusing conflicts in ahci PCI ID table. * 'for-4.6' of git:// ata: ahci_xgene: dereferencing uninitialized pointer in probe AHCI: Remove obsolete Intel Lewisburg SATA RAID device IDs ata: sata_rcar: Use ARCH_RENESAS sata_via: Implement hotplug for VT6421 sata_via: Apply WD workaround only when needed on VT6421 ahci: Add runtime PM support for the host controller ahci: Add functions to manage runtime PM of AHCI ports ahci: Convert driver to use modern PM hooks ahci: Cache host controller version scsi: Drop runtime PM usage count after host is added scsi: Set request queue runtime PM status back to active on resume block: Add blk_set_runtime_active() ata: ahci_mvebu: add support for Armada 3700 variant libata: fix unbalanced spin_lock_irqsave/spin_unlock_irq() in ata_scsi_park_show() libata: support AHCI on OCTEON platform
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diff --git a/block/blk-core.c b/block/blk-core.c
index 45f4d7efbf34..827f8badd143 100644
--- a/block/blk-core.c
+++ b/block/blk-core.c
@@ -3529,6 +3529,30 @@ void blk_post_runtime_resume(struct request_queue *q, int err)
+ * blk_set_runtime_active - Force runtime status of the queue to be active
+ * @q: the queue of the device
+ *
+ * If the device is left runtime suspended during system suspend the resume
+ * hook typically resumes the device and corrects runtime status
+ * accordingly. However, that does not affect the queue runtime PM status
+ * which is still "suspended". This prevents processing requests from the
+ * queue.
+ *
+ * This function can be used in driver's resume hook to correct queue
+ * runtime PM status and re-enable peeking requests from the queue. It
+ * should be called before first request is added to the queue.
+ */
+void blk_set_runtime_active(struct request_queue *q)
+ spin_lock_irq(q->queue_lock);
+ q->rpm_status = RPM_ACTIVE;
+ pm_runtime_mark_last_busy(q->dev);
+ pm_request_autosuspend(q->dev);
+ spin_unlock_irq(q->queue_lock);
int __init blk_dev_init(void)