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ACPICA: Add boot option to disable auto return object repair
Sometimes, there might be bugs caused by unexpected AML which is compliant to the Windows but not compliant to the Linux implementation. There is a predefined validation mechanism implemented in ACPICA to repair the unexpected AML evaluation results that are caused by the unexpected AMLs. For example, BIOS may return misorder _CST result and the repair mechanism can make an ascending order on the returned _CST package object based on the C-state type. This mechanism is quite useful to implement an AML interpreter with better compliance with the real world where Windows is the de-facto standard and BIOS codes are only tested on one platform thus not compliant to the ACPI specification. But if a compliance issue hasn't been figured out yet, it will be difficult for developers to identify if the unexpected evaluation result is caused by this mechanism or by the AML interpreter. For example, _PR0 is expected to be a control method, but BIOS may use Package: "Name(_PR0, Package(1) {P1PR})". This boot option can disable the predefined validation mechanism so that developers can make sure the root cause comes from the parser/executer. This patch adds a new kernel parameter to disable this feature. A build test has been made on a Dell Inspiron mini 1100 (i386 z530) machine when this patch is applied and the corresponding boot test is performed w/ or w/o the new kernel parameter specified. References: Tested-by: Fabian Wehning <> Signed-off-by: Lv Zheng <> Signed-off-by: Rafael J. Wysocki <>
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