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authorBalbir Singh <>2008-04-29 01:00:16 -0700
committerLinus Torvalds <>2008-04-29 08:06:10 -0700
commitcf475ad28ac35cc9ba612d67158f29b73b38b05d (patch)
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cgroups: add an owner to the mm_struct
Remove the mem_cgroup member from mm_struct and instead adds an owner. This approach was suggested by Paul Menage. The advantage of this approach is that, once the mm->owner is known, using the subsystem id, the cgroup can be determined. It also allows several control groups that are virtually grouped by mm_struct, to exist independent of the memory controller i.e., without adding mem_cgroup's for each controller, to mm_struct. A new config option CONFIG_MM_OWNER is added and the memory resource controller selects this config option. This patch also adds cgroup callbacks to notify subsystems when mm->owner changes. The mm_cgroup_changed callback is called with the task_lock() of the new task held and is called just prior to changing the mm->owner. I am indebted to Paul Menage for the several reviews of this patchset and helping me make it lighter and simpler. This patch was tested on a powerpc box, it was compiled with both the MM_OWNER config turned on and off. After the thread group leader exits, it's moved to init_css_state by cgroup_exit(), thus all future charges from runnings threads would be redirected to the init_css_set's subsystem. Signed-off-by: Balbir Singh <> Cc: Pavel Emelianov <> Cc: Hugh Dickins <> Cc: Sudhir Kumar <> Cc: YAMAMOTO Takashi <> Cc: Hirokazu Takahashi <> Cc: David Rientjes <>, Cc: Balbir Singh <> Acked-by: KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki <> Acked-by: Pekka Enberg <> Reviewed-by: Paul Menage <> Cc: Oleg Nesterov <> Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <> Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <>
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diff --git a/init/Kconfig b/init/Kconfig
index a3457926342a..98fa96eac415 100644
--- a/init/Kconfig
+++ b/init/Kconfig
@@ -378,9 +378,13 @@ config RESOURCE_COUNTERS
infrastructure that works with cgroups
depends on CGROUPS
+config MM_OWNER
+ bool
bool "Memory Resource Controller for Control Groups"
+ select MM_OWNER
Provides a memory resource controller that manages both page cache and
RSS memory.
@@ -393,6 +397,9 @@ config CGROUP_MEM_RES_CTLR
Only enable when you're ok with these trade offs and really
sure you need the memory resource controller.
+ This config option also selects MM_OWNER config option, which
+ could in turn add some fork/exit overhead.