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Merge branch 'stable-3.17' of git://
Pull SElinux fixes from Paul Moore: "Two small patches to fix a couple of build warnings in SELinux and NetLabel. The patches are obvious enough that I don't think any additional explanation is necessary, but it basically boils down to the usual: I was stupid, and these patches fix some of the stupid. Both patches were posted earlier this week to the SELinux list, and that is where they sat as I didn't think there were noteworthy enough to go upstream at this point in time, but DaveM would rather see them upstream now so who am I to argue. As the patches are both very small" * 'stable-3.17' of git:// selinux: remove unused variabled in the netport, netnode, and netif caches netlabel: fix the netlbl_catmap_setlong() dummy function
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