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Merge branch 'stmmac-cleanup'
Joachim Eastwood says: ==================== stmmac clean up for 4.3 part1 This patch set continues the conversion of the dwmac glue layers to more proper platform drivers. The first part of the patch set cleans up stmmac_platform a bit. Refactors code from the common probe function and exports two functions that will be used in the dwmac-* drivers. Second part converts two simple dwmac-* drivers to have their own probe function and use the exported functions. This brings us closer to point where stmmac_platform is only a library of common functions for the dwmac-* drivers to use. The plan next is: * add probe functions to the rest of the dwmac-* drivers * move probe function in stmmac_platform to dwmac-generic * remove struct stmmac_of_data and let those drivers that actually need match data handle it themselves * clean up include/linux/stmmac.h Note that this patch set has only been tested on lpc18xx so testing on other platforms is greatly appreciated. Previous parts can be found here: ==================== Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <>
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