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Pull documentation updates from Jonathan Corbet: "There's been a fair amount of activity in Documentation/ this time around: - Lots of work aligning Documentation/ABI with reality, done by Aishwarya Pant. - The trace documentation has been converted to RST by Changbin Du - I thrashed up kernel-doc to deal with a parsing issue and to try to make the code more readable. It's still a 20+-year-old Perl hack, though. - Lots of other updates, typo fixes, and more" * tag 'docs-4.17' of git:// (82 commits) Documentation/process: update FUSE project website docs: kernel-doc: fix parsing of arrays dmaengine: Fix spelling for parenthesis in dmatest documentation dmaengine: Make dmatest.rst indeed reST compatible dmaengine: Add note to dmatest documentation about supported channels Documentation: magic-numbers: Fix typo Documentation: admin-guide: add kvmconfig, xenconfig and tinyconfig commands Input: alps - Update documentation for trackstick v3 format Documentation: Mention why %p prints ptrval COPYING: use the new text with points to the license files COPYING: create a new file with points to the Kernel license files Input: trackpoint: document sysfs interface xfs: Change URL for the project in xfs.txt char/bsr: add sysfs interface documentation acpi: nfit: document sysfs interface block: rbd: update sysfs interface Documentation/sparse: fix typo Documentation/CodingStyle: Add an example for braces docs/vm: update 00-INDEX kernel-doc: Remove __sched markings ...
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