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Merge git://
* git:// (78 commits) [PATCH] powerpc: Add FSL SEC node to documentation [PATCH] macintosh: tidy-up driver_register() return values [PATCH] powerpc: tidy-up of_register_driver()/driver_register() return values [PATCH] powerpc: via-pmu warning fix [PATCH] macintosh: cleanup the use of i2c headers [PATCH] powerpc: dont allow old RTC to be selected [PATCH] powerpc: make powerbook_sleep_grackle static [PATCH] powerpc: Fix warning in add_memory [PATCH] powerpc: update mailing list addresses [PATCH] powerpc: Remove calculation of io hole [PATCH] powerpc: iseries: Add bootargs to /chosen [PATCH] powerpc: iseries: Add /system-id, /model and /compatible [PATCH] powerpc: Add strne2a() to convert a string from EBCDIC to ASCII [PATCH] powerpc: iseries: Make more stuff static in platforms/iseries/mf.c [PATCH] powerpc: iseries: Remove pointless iSeries_(restart|power_off|halt) [PATCH] powerpc: iseries: mf related cleanups [PATCH] powerpc: Replace platform_is_lpar() with a firmware feature [PATCH] powerpc: trivial: Cleanup whitespace in cputable.h [PATCH] powerpc: Remove unused iommu_off logic from pSeries_init_early() [PATCH] powerpc: Unconfuse htab_bolt_mapping() callers ...
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