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Merge branch 'for-3.17-fixes' of git://
Pull cgroup fixes from Tejun Heo: "This is quite late but these need to be backported anyway. This is the fix for a long-standing cpuset bug which existed from 2009. cpuset makes use of PF_SPREAD_{PAGE|SLAB} flags to modify the task's memory allocation behavior according to the settings of the cpuset it belongs to; unfortunately, when those flags have to be changed, cpuset did so directly even whlie the target task is running, which is obviously racy as task->flags may be modified by the task itself at any time. This obscure bug manifested as corrupt PF_USED_MATH flag leading to a weird crash. The bug is fixed by moving the flag to task->atomic_flags. The first two are prepatory ones to help defining atomic_flags accessors and the third one is the actual fix" * 'for-3.17-fixes' of git:// cpuset: PF_SPREAD_PAGE and PF_SPREAD_SLAB should be atomic flags sched: add macros to define bitops for task atomic flags sched: fix confusing PFA_NO_NEW_PRIVS constant
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diff --git a/scripts/ b/scripts/
index cbfd269a6011..293828bfd4ac 100755
--- a/scripts/
+++ b/scripts/
@@ -197,6 +197,9 @@ exuberant()
--regex-c++='/SETPCGFLAG\(([^,)]*).*/SetPageCgroup\1/' \
--regex-c++='/CLEARPCGFLAG\(([^,)]*).*/ClearPageCgroup\1/' \
--regex-c++='/TESTCLEARPCGFLAG\(([^,)]*).*/TestClearPageCgroup\1/' \
+ --regex-c++='/TASK_PFA_TEST\([^,]*,\s*([^)]*)\)/task_\1/' \
+ --regex-c++='/TASK_PFA_SET\([^,]*,\s*([^)]*)\)/task_set_\1/' \
+ --regex-c++='/TASK_PFA_CLEAR\([^,]*,\s*([^)]*)\)/task_clear_\1/'\
--regex-c='/PCI_OP_READ\((\w*).*[1-4]\)/pci_bus_read_config_\1/' \
--regex-c='/PCI_OP_WRITE\((\w*).*[1-4]\)/pci_bus_write_config_\1/' \
--regex-c='/DEFINE_(MUTEX|SEMAPHORE|SPINLOCK)\((\w*)/\2/v/' \
@@ -260,6 +263,9 @@ emacs()
--regex='/SETPCGFLAG\(([^,)]*).*/SetPageCgroup\1/' \
--regex='/CLEARPCGFLAG\(([^,)]*).*/ClearPageCgroup\1/' \
--regex='/TESTCLEARPCGFLAG\(([^,)]*).*/TestClearPageCgroup\1/' \
+ --regex='/TASK_PFA_TEST\([^,]*,\s*([^)]*)\)/task_\1/' \
+ --regex='/TASK_PFA_SET\([^,]*,\s*([^)]*)\)/task_set_\1/' \
+ --regex='/TASK_PFA_CLEAR\([^,]*,\s*([^)]*)\)/task_clear_\1/' \
--regex='/_PE(\([^,)]*\).*/PEVENT_ERRNO__\1/' \
--regex='/PCI_OP_READ(\([a-z]*[a-z]\).*[1-4])/pci_bus_read_config_\1/' \