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authorKosuke Tatsukawa <>2015-10-09 12:21:55 +0000
committerPaolo Bonzini <>2015-10-14 16:41:08 +0200
commit6003a4201077da41427dae5e71bb2f31dfdc0c10 (patch)
tree203a2877d5c8b8d6dfdfe364d5744c032cb01450 /virt/kvm/async_pf.c
parent13db77347db175a68edd58a79963cdf5cb3a9607 (diff)
kvm: fix waitqueue_active without memory barrier in virt/kvm/async_pf.c
async_pf_execute() seems to be missing a memory barrier which might cause the waker to not notice the waiter and miss sending a wake_up as in the following figure. async_pf_execute kvm_vcpu_block ------------------------------------------------------------------------ spin_lock(&vcpu->async_pf.lock); if (waitqueue_active(&vcpu->wq)) /* The CPU might reorder the test for the waitqueue up here, before prior writes complete */ prepare_to_wait(&vcpu->wq, &wait, TASK_INTERRUPTIBLE); /*if (kvm_vcpu_check_block(vcpu) < 0) */ /*if (kvm_arch_vcpu_runnable(vcpu)) { */ ... return (vcpu->arch.mp_state == KVM_MP_STATE_RUNNABLE && !vcpu->arch.apf.halted) || !list_empty_careful(&vcpu->async_pf.done) ... return 0; list_add_tail(&apf->link, &vcpu->async_pf.done); spin_unlock(&vcpu->async_pf.lock); waited = true; schedule(); ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The attached patch adds the missing memory barrier. I found this issue when I was looking through the linux source code for places calling waitqueue_active() before wake_up*(), but without preceding memory barriers, after sending a patch to fix a similar issue in drivers/tty/n_tty.c (Details about the original issue can be found here: Signed-off-by: Kosuke Tatsukawa <> Signed-off-by: Paolo Bonzini <>
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diff --git a/virt/kvm/async_pf.c b/virt/kvm/async_pf.c
index 44660aee335f..77d42be6970e 100644
--- a/virt/kvm/async_pf.c
+++ b/virt/kvm/async_pf.c
@@ -94,6 +94,10 @@ static void async_pf_execute(struct work_struct *work)
trace_kvm_async_pf_completed(addr, gva);
+ /*
+ * This memory barrier pairs with prepare_to_wait's set_current_state()
+ */
+ smp_mb();
if (waitqueue_active(&vcpu->wq))