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+kvm_stat - Report KVM kernel module event counters
+'kvm_stat' [OPTION]...
+kvm_stat prints counts of KVM kernel module trace events. These events signify
+state transitions such as guest mode entry and exit.
+This tool is useful for observing guest behavior from the host perspective.
+Often conclusions about performance or buggy behavior can be drawn from the
+The set of KVM kernel module trace events may be specific to the kernel version
+or architecture. It is best to check the KVM kernel module source code for the
+meaning of events.
+Note that trace events are counted globally across all running guests.
+ run in batch mode for one second
+ run in logging mode (like vmstat)
+ retrieve statistics from tracepoints
+ retrieve statistics from debugfs
+ fields to display (regex)
+ show help message
+'perf'(1), 'trace-cmd'(1)
+Stefan Hajnoczi <>