AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorLines
2005-12-03Linux v2.6.15-rc5v2.6.15-rc5Linus Torvalds-1/+1
2005-12-03Link USB drivers later in the kernelLinus Torvalds-1/+2
2005-12-03Make vm_insert_page() available to NVidia moduleLinus Torvalds-1/+1
2005-12-03[PATCH] Fix up per-cpu page batch sizesNick Piggin-8/+8
2005-12-03[PATCH] libata: fix ata_scsi_pass_thru error handlingTejun Heo-2/+7
2005-12-03NFSv4: Fix an Oops in the synchronous write pathTrond Myklebust-1/+10
2005-12-03NFS: Fix post-op attribute revalidation...Trond Myklebust-0/+4
2005-12-03NFS: use set_page_writeback() in the appropriate placesTrond Myklebust-2/+4
2005-12-03SUNRPC: Fix Oopsable condition in rpc_pipefsTrond Myklebust-1/+1
2005-12-03NFS: Fix a few further cache consistency regressionsTrond Myklebust-34/+20
2005-12-03NFS: Fix cache consistency regressionSteve Dickson-0/+1
2005-12-02Merge Torvalds-25/+52
2005-12-02Add missing "local_irq_enable()" to C2/C3 exit logicLinus Torvalds-0/+1
2005-12-02[IPV6]: Load protocol module dynamically.YOSHIFUJI Hideaki-14/+33
2005-12-02[IPV4] Fix EPROTONOSUPPORT error in inet_createHerbert Xu-4/+3
2005-12-02[IGMP]: workaround for IGMP v1/v2 bugDavid Stevens-1/+9
2005-12-02[SCTP]: Fix getsockname for sctp when an ipv6 socket accepts a connection fromNeil Horman-1/+2
2005-12-02[SCTP]: Return socket errors only if the receive queue is empty.Neil Horman-5/+5
2005-12-02Revert "[SCSI] fix usb storage oops"Linus Torvalds-8/+1
2005-12-02Merge Torvalds-133/+225
2005-12-02[PATCH] Fix TIF_POLLING_NRFLAG in ACPI idle routinesNick Piggin-7/+14
2005-12-02[SCSI] sg: fix a bug in st_map_user_pages failure pathHugh Dickins-1/+3
2005-12-02[SCSI] sg and st unmap_user_pages allow PageReservedHugh Dickins-4/+0
2005-12-01Merge Torvalds-20/+47
2005-12-01Merge Torvalds-10/+51
2005-12-01Merge branch 'upstream' of git:// Torvalds-3244/+3245
2005-12-01Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// Torvalds-55/+170
2005-12-01Merge branch 'upstream-fixes' of Torvalds-1092/+108
2005-12-01[PATCH] V4l/dvb: Fix typo, removing incorrect info from CONFIG_BT848_DVB kcon...Michael Krufky-3/+0
2005-12-01[PATCH] V4l/dvb: Restore missing tuner definition for Hauppauge tuner type 0x103Mike Isely-1/+1
2005-12-01[PATCH] V4L/dvb: fix kernel message (print of %s from random pointer)Hans Verkuil-6/+8
2005-12-01[PATCH] V4L/DVB: SCM updateMauro Carvalho Chehab-0/+3
2005-12-01[PATCH] DVB: BUDGET CI card depends on STV0297 demodulator.Carlos Silva-0/+1
2005-12-01[PATCH] DVB: Fixes ifs in ves1820 set symbolrate().Denis Vlasenko-7/+7
2005-12-01[PATCH] DVB: Fix locking to prevent Oops on SMP systemsRalph Metzler-11/+20
2005-12-01[PATCH] DVB: Update Steve's email address.Steven Toth-2/+2
2005-12-01[PATCH] DVB: Small cleanups and CodeStyle fixesAdrian Bunk-4/+6
2005-12-01[PATCH] DVB: Include fixes for 2.6.15-rc1 for removing sched.h from module.hTim Schmielau-0/+2
2005-12-01[PATCH] DVB: Fixed incorrect usage at the private state of the dvb-usb-devicesPatrick Boettcher-9/+9
2005-12-01[PATCH] DVB: Fix locking problems and code cleanupAndrew de Quincey-46/+23
2005-12-01[PATCH] DVB: Fixed DiSEqC timing for saa7146-based budget cardsOliver Endriss-2/+4
2005-12-01[PATCH] V4L: Add workaround for Hauppauge PVR150 with certain NTSC tuner modelsHans Verkuil-3/+45
2005-12-01[PATCH] V4L: Fixed eeprom handling for cx88 and added Nova-T PCI model 90003Steven Toth-9/+12
2005-12-01[PATCH] V4L: Fix bttv ioctls VIDIOC_ENUMINPUT, VIDIOCGTUNER, VIDIOC_QUERYCAPMichael H. Schimek-5/+15
2005-12-01[PATCH] V4L: Fix crash when not compiled as moduleReimar Doeffinger-6/+3
2005-12-01[PATCH] V4L: Write cached value to correct register for SECAMDwaine Garden-1/+1
2005-12-01[PATCH] V4L: Fixes Bttv raw format to fix VIDIOCSPICT ioctlMichael H. Schimek-0/+10
2005-12-01[PATCH] V4L: Makes needlessly global code staticAdrian Bunk-12/+13
2005-12-01[PATCH] V4L: Some funcions now static and I2C hw code for IRMauro Carvalho Chehab-6/+7
2005-12-01[PATCH] V4L: Enables audio DMA setting on cx88 chips, even when dma not in useMauro Carvalho Chehab-0/+39