AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorLines
2005-06-24[PATCH] Keys: Use RCU to manage session keyring pointerDavid Howells-25/+24
2005-06-24[PATCH] Keys: Pass session keyring to call_usermodehelper()David Howells-7/+35
2005-06-24[PATCH] keys: Discard key spinlock and use RCU for key payloadDavid Howells-348/+480
2005-06-24[PATCH] ppc64: fix seccomp with 32-bit userlandAndrea Arcangeli-2/+2
2005-06-23Merge rsync:// Torvalds-2/+2
2005-06-23Merge rsync:// Torvalds-1060/+2304
2005-06-23Merge Torvalds-27/+167
2005-06-23Merge Torvalds-10/+47
2005-06-23[IA64] Fix pfn_to_nid() so the kernel compiles again for !CONFIG_DISCONTIGMEM.David Mosberger-Tang-2/+2
2005-06-23[PATCH] Serial: Bugs are not capabilitiesRussell King-4/+4
2005-06-23[PATCH] ARM: 2730/1: S3C2410 default configuration updateBen Dooks-9/+18
2005-06-23[PATCH] ARM: 2729/1: DM9000 platform support for S3C2410 machines (BAST, VR1000)Ben Dooks-9/+117
2005-06-23[PATCH] ARM: 2728/1: S3C2410 - fix constant warning on serial device nameBen Dooks-2/+2
2005-06-23[PATCH] ARM: 2722/1: remove reliance on udivdi3 for nwfpeNicolas Pitre-6/+28
2005-06-23[PATCH] ARM: 2721/1: remove reliance on udivdi3 for pxafb driverNicolas Pitre-1/+2
2005-06-23[TCP]: Add Scalable TCP congestion control module.John Heffner-0/+78
2005-06-23[TCP]: Add H-TCP congestion control module.Baruch Even-0/+303
2005-06-23[TCP]: Add TCP Vegas congestion control module.Stephen Hemminger-0/+423
2005-06-23[TCP]: Add TCP Hybla congestion control module.Daniele Lacamera-0/+198
2005-06-23[TCP]: Add High Speed TCP congestion control module.John Heffner-0/+193
2005-06-23[TCP]: Add TCP Westwood congestion control module.Stephen Hemminger-0/+275
2005-06-23[TCP]: Add TCP BIC congestion control module.Stephen Hemminger-0/+353
2005-06-23[TCP]: Update sysctl and congestion control documentation.Stephen Hemminger-52/+73
2005-06-23[TCP]: Report congestion control algorithm in tcp_diag.Stephen Hemminger-2/+7
2005-06-23[TCP]: Change tcp_diag to use the existing __RTA_PUT() macro.Stephen Hemminger-7/+2
2005-06-23[TCP]: Add pluggable congestion control algorithm infrastructure.Stephen Hemminger-999/+399
2005-06-23[PATCH] Add removal schedule of register_serial/unregister_serial to appropri...Russell King-0/+10
2005-06-23[PATCH] better USB_MON dependenciesAdrian Bunk-13/+8
2005-06-23Merge rsync:// Torvalds-754/+2918
2005-06-23[PATCH] sys_open() cleanupTelemaque Ndizihiwe-11/+7
2005-06-23[PATCH] Convert users to tty_unregister_ldisc()Alexey Dobriyan-12/+12
2005-06-23[PATCH] Introduce tty_unregister_ldisc()Alexey Dobriyan-14/+26
2005-06-23[PATCH] pwc-uncompress warning fixAndrew Morton-6/+5
2005-06-23[PATCH] IDE CD reports current speedEric Piel-40/+49
2005-06-23[PATCH] add note about verify_area removal to feature-removal-schedule.txtJesper Juhl-0/+8
2005-06-23[PATCH] aio: make wait_queue ->task ->privateBenjamin LaHaise-9/+9
2005-06-23[PATCH] aio: fix do_sync_(read|write) to properly handle aio retriesBenjamin LaHaise-2/+18
2005-06-23[PATCH] dpt_i2o: fix waitqueue abuseAndrew Morton-12/+5
2005-06-23[PATCH] Bug in error recovery in fs/buffer.c::__block_prepare_write()Anton Altaparmakov-4/+8
2005-06-23[PATCH] remove <linux/xattr_acl.h>Christoph Hellwig-45/+47
2005-06-23[PATCH] acl endianess annotationsChristoph Hellwig-4/+4
2005-06-23[PATCH] use drivers/Kconfig for sparc32William Lee Irwin III-11/+5
2005-06-23[PATCH] Remove f_error field from struct fileChristoph Lameter-24/+4
2005-06-23[PATCH] PCDP: handle tables that don't supply baud rateBjorn Helgaas-5/+8
2005-06-23[PATCH] block: add unlocked_ioctl support for block devicesArnd Bergmann-23/+57
2005-06-23[PATCH] compat: introduce compat_time_tStephen Rothwell-6/+10
2005-06-23[PATCH] yenta TI: turn off interrupts during card power-on #2Daniel Ritz-23/+223
2005-06-23[PATCH] Add offset.h to dontdiffMichal Schmidt-0/+1
2005-06-23[PATCH] Potential null pointer dereference in amiga serial driverTINNES Julien RD-MAPS-ISS-4/+14
2005-06-23[PATCH] gconfig: only show scrollbars if neededThierry Vignaud-5/+5