path: root/arch/blackfin/mach-bf548/head.S
AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorLines
2009-01-07Blackfin arch: fix bugs and unify BFIN_KERNEL_CLOCK optionMichael Hennerich-158/+0
2008-10-16Blackfin arch: fix bug - build kernel failed at head.S when reprogram clock o...Robin Getz-1/+1
2008-10-13Blackfin arch: make sure we include the fix for SPORT hysteresis when reprogr...Robin Getz-0/+3
2008-10-10Blackfin arch: remove non-bf54x ifdef logic since this file is only compiled ...Mike Frysinger-45/+4
2008-08-27Blackfin arch: move include/asm-blackfin header files to arch/blackfinBryan Wu-2/+2
2008-08-14Blackfin arch: do not muck with the UART during boot -- let the serial driver...Mike Frysinger-10/+0
2008-08-06Blackfin arch: Fix Bug - System with EMAC driver enabled - Core not idlingMichael Hennerich-7/+0
2008-08-06Blackfin arch: unify the duplicated portions of __start and split mach-specif...Mike Frysinger-130/+3
2008-08-06Blackfin arch: move async memory programming into common setup_arch() as the ...Mike Frysinger-42/+0
2008-08-06Blackfin arch: unify the duplicated _real_start functionsMike Frysinger-73/+0
2008-07-14Blackfin arch: Fix bug - Kernel does not boot if re-program clocksMichael Hennerich-3/+3
2008-04-24[Blackfin] arch: theres no need to declare ram{end,start,base} in the head.S ...Mike Frysinger-18/+0
2008-02-29[Blackfin] arch: kill section mismatch warningsBryan Wu-2/+7
2008-01-27[Blackfin] arch: Fix bug to Enable bf548 to Re-program Clocks while Kernel bo...Sonic Zhang-0/+47
2007-12-23[Blackfin] arch: Fix bug to Enable kernel to build for bf548 with PM.Sonic Zhang-4/+4
2007-11-21Blackfin arch: fix bug NOR Flash MTD mount failSonic Zhang-0/+21
2007-10-09Blackfin arch: Print out debug info, as early as possibleRobin Getz-0/+6
2007-10-11Blackfin arch: rewrite our reboot code in CMike Frysinger-125/+0
2007-08-05Blackfin arch: allow people to select the feature that is unavailable to the ...Mike Frysinger-3/+7
2007-08-05Blackfin arch: Add support for the M25P16 SPI FLashMichael Hennerich-0/+2
2007-07-25Blackfin arch: Add ability to expend the hardware trace bufferRobin Getz-1/+1
2007-08-03Blackfin arch: Fix CCLK and SCLK checksRobin Getz-0/+1
2007-07-25Blackfin arch: use HI/LO macros rather than masking the bit ranges ourselvesMike Frysinger-6/+6
2007-07-25Blackfin arch: revise anomaly handling by basing things on the compiler not t...Mike Frysinger-1/+1
2007-06-21Blackfin arch: Clean up trace buffer handling, No major functional changes.Robin Getz-0/+5
2007-07-12Blackfin arch: initial supporting for BF548-EZKITRoy Huang-0/+507