path: root/arch/csky/kernel/entry.S
AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorLines
2020-05-28csky: Fixup CONFIG_DEBUG_RSEQGuo Ren-5/+10
2020-05-28csky: Coding convention in entry.SGuo Ren-30/+36
2020-05-28csky: Fixup abiv2 syscall_trace break a4 & a5Guo Ren-2/+4
2020-05-28csky: Fixup CONFIG_PREEMPT panicGuo Ren-25/+11
2020-05-13csky: Fixup remove unnecessary save/restore PSR codeGuo Ren-8/+2
2020-05-13csky: Fixup remove duplicate irq_disableLiu Yibin-2/+0
2020-04-03csky: Add uprobes supportGuo Ren-1/+1
2020-04-02csky: Enable LOCKDEP_SUPPORTGuo Ren-0/+11
2020-03-08csky: Add support for restartable sequenceGuo Ren-1/+4
2019-12-08sched/rt, csky: Use CONFIG_PREEMPTIONThomas Gleixner-2/+2
2019-09-30csky: entry: Remove unneeded need_resched() loopValentin Schneider-4/+0
2019-09-30csky: Fixup add zero_fp fixup perf backtrace panicGuo Ren-20/+30
2019-04-22csky: Use va_pa_offset instead of phys_offsetGuo Ren-2/+2
2019-04-22csky: Support dynamic start physical addressGuo Ren-2/+4
2019-04-22csky: Reconstruct signal processingGuo Ren-22/+15
2019-04-22csky: Use in_syscall & forget_syscall instead of r11_sigGuo Ren-10/+1
2019-04-22csky: Update syscall_trace_enter/exit implementationGuo Ren-13/+12
2018-12-31csky: remove unused members in processor.hGuo Ren-12/+0
2018-12-31csky: fixup save hi,lo,dspcr regs in switch_stack.Guo Ren-22/+0
2018-12-31csky: remove syscall_exit_workGuo Ren-12/+4
2018-10-25csky: Exception handling and mm-faultGuo Ren-0/+396