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2020-06-17maccess: rename probe_kernel_{read,write} to copy_{from,to}_kernel_nofaultChristoph Hellwig-1/+1
Better describe what these functions do. Suggested-by: Linus Torvalds <> Signed-off-by: Christoph Hellwig <> Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <>
2020-06-09maccess: always use strict semantics for probe_kernel_readChristoph Hellwig-1/+1
Except for historical confusion in the kprobes/uprobes and bpf tracers, which has been fixed now, there is no good reason to ever allow user memory accesses from probe_kernel_read. Switch probe_kernel_read to only read from kernel memory. [ update it for "mm, dump_page(): do not crash with invalid mapping pointer"] Signed-off-by: Christoph Hellwig <> Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <> Cc: Alexei Starovoitov <> Cc: Daniel Borkmann <> Cc: "H. Peter Anvin" <> Cc: Ingo Molnar <> Cc: Masami Hiramatsu <> Cc: Thomas Gleixner <> Link: Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <>
2020-06-09maccess: unify the probe kernel arch hooksChristoph Hellwig-8/+4
Currently architectures have to override every routine that probes kernel memory, which includes a pure read and strcpy, both in strict and not strict variants. Just provide a single arch hooks instead to make sure all architectures cover all the cases. [ fix !CONFIG_X86_64 build] Signed-off-by: Christoph Hellwig <> Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <> Cc: Alexei Starovoitov <> Cc: Daniel Borkmann <> Cc: "H. Peter Anvin" <> Cc: Ingo Molnar <> Cc: Masami Hiramatsu <> Cc: Thomas Gleixner <> Link: Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <>
2019-05-30treewide: Replace GPLv2 boilerplate/reference with SPDX - rule 153Thomas Gleixner-15/+1
Based on 1 normalized pattern(s): this program is free software you can redistribute it and or modify it under the terms of the gnu general public license as published by the free software foundation either version 2 or at your option any later version this program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful but without any warranty without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose see the gnu general public license for more details you should have received a copy of the gnu general public license along with this program if not write to the free software foundation inc 675 mass ave cambridge ma 02139 usa extracted by the scancode license scanner the SPDX license identifier GPL-2.0-or-later has been chosen to replace the boilerplate/reference in 77 file(s). Signed-off-by: Thomas Gleixner <> Reviewed-by: Allison Randal <> Reviewed-by: Armijn Hemel <> Reviewed-by: Richard Fontana <> Cc: Link: Signed-off-by: Greg Kroah-Hartman <>
2017-08-22parisc: Drop exception_data structHelge Deller-2/+0
Signed-off-by: Helge Deller <>
2017-04-02parisc: switch to RAW_COPY_USERAl Viro-7/+7
... and remove dead declarations, while we are at it Signed-off-by: Al Viro <>
2017-04-02Merge branch 'parisc-4.11-3' of ↵Al Viro-458/+3
git:// into uaccess.parisc
2017-03-29parisc: Fix access fault handling in pa_memcpy()Helge Deller-458/+3
pa_memcpy() is the major memcpy implementation in the parisc kernel which is used to do any kind of userspace/kernel memory copies. Al Viro noticed various bugs in the implementation of pa_mempcy(), most notably that in case of faults it may report back to have copied more bytes than it actually did. Fixing those bugs is quite hard in the C-implementation, because the compiler is messing around with the registers and we are not guaranteed that specific variables are always in the same processor registers. This makes proper fault handling complicated. This patch implements pa_memcpy() in assembler. That way we have correct fault handling and adding a 64-bit copy routine was quite easy. Runtime tested with 32- and 64bit kernels. Reported-by: Al Viro <> Cc: <> # v4.9+ Signed-off-by: John David Anglin <> Signed-off-by: Helge Deller <>
2017-03-28new helper: uaccess_kernel()Al Viro-1/+1
Signed-off-by: Al Viro <>
2016-10-06parisc: Add hardened usercopy featureHelge Deller-5/+6
Add hardened usercopy checks to parisc architecture and clean up indenting. Signed-off-by: Helge Deller <>
2014-04-03parisc: Replace __get_cpu_var uses for address calculationChristoph Lameter-1/+1
Convert to the use of this_cpu_ptr(). Cc: "James E.J. Bottomley" <> Cc: Helge Deller <> Cc: Signed-off-by: Christoph Lameter <> Signed-off-by: Helge Deller <>
2013-11-20parisc: size_t is unsigned, so comparison size < 0 doesn't make sense.Helge Deller-1/+1
Signed-off-by: Helge Deller <> CC: Mikulas Patocka <>
2013-11-19parisc: do not inline pa_memcpy() internal functionsHelge Deller-2/+2
gcc (4.8.x) creates wrong code when the pa_memcpy() functions are inlined. Especially in 32bit builds it calculates wrong return values if we encounter a fault during execution of the memcpy. Signed-off-by: Helge Deller <>
2013-10-13parisc: let probe_kernel_read() capture access to page zeroHelge Deller-1/+14
Signed-off-by: Helge Deller <>
2013-07-09parisc: Fix gcc miscompilation in pa_memcpy()Helge Deller-29/+50
When running the LTP testsuite one may hit this kernel BUG() with the write06 testcase: kernel BUG at mm/filemap.c:2023! CPU: 1 PID: 8614 Comm: writev01 Not tainted 3.10.0-rc7-64bit-c3000+ #6 IASQ: 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 IAOQ: 00000000401e6e84 00000000401e6e88 IIR: 03ffe01f ISR: 0000000010340000 IOR: 000001fbe0380820 CPU: 1 CR30: 00000000bef80000 CR31: ffffffffffffffff ORIG_R28: 00000000bdc192c0 IAOQ[0]: iov_iter_advance+0x3c/0xc0 IAOQ[1]: iov_iter_advance+0x40/0xc0 RP(r2): generic_file_buffered_write+0x204/0x3f0 Backtrace: [<00000000401e764c>] generic_file_buffered_write+0x204/0x3f0 [<00000000401eab24>] __generic_file_aio_write+0x244/0x448 [<00000000401eadc0>] generic_file_aio_write+0x98/0x150 [<000000004024f460>] do_sync_readv_writev+0xc0/0x130 [<000000004025037c>] compat_do_readv_writev+0x12c/0x340 [<00000000402505f8>] compat_writev+0x68/0xa0 [<0000000040251d88>] compat_SyS_writev+0x98/0xf8 Reason for this crash is a gcc miscompilation in the fault handlers of pa_memcpy() which return the fault address instead of the copied bytes. Since this seems to be a generic problem with gcc-4.7.x (and below), it's better to simplify the fault handlers in pa_memcpy to avoid this problem. Here is a simple reproducer for the problem: int main(int argc, char **argv) { int fd, nbytes; struct iovec wr_iovec[] = { { "TEST STRING ",32}, { (char*)0x40005000,32} }; // random memory. fd = open(DATA_FILE, O_RDWR | O_CREAT, 0666); nbytes = writev(fd, wr_iovec, 2); printf("return value = %d, errno %d (%s)\n", nbytes, errno, strerror(errno)); return 0; } In addition, John David Anglin wrote: There is no gcc PR as pa_memcpy is not legitimate C code. There is an implicit assumption that certain variables will contain correct values when an exception occurs and the code randomly jumps to one of the exception blocks. There is no guarantee of this. If a PR was filed, it would likely be marked as invalid. Signed-off-by: Helge Deller <> Signed-off-by: John David Anglin <> Cc: <> # 3.8+ Signed-off-by: Helge Deller <>
2013-03-02parisc: avoid unitialized variable warning in pa_memcpy()Helge Deller-1/+1
Avoid this warning, while still prevent gcc from optimizing away the exception code: arch/parisc/lib/memcpy.c: In function ‘pa_memcpy’: arch/parisc/lib/memcpy.c:256:2: warning: ‘dummy’ may be used uninitialized in this function [-Wuninitialized] Signed-off-by: Helge Deller <>
2010-03-06parisc: add strict copy size checks (v2)Helge Deller-1/+2
Add CONFIG_DEBUG_STRICT_USER_COPY_CHECKS, copied from the x86 implementation. Tested with 32 and 64bit kernel. Signed-off-by: Helge Deller <> Signed-off-by: Kyle McMartin <>
2009-07-03parisc: fix mismatched parenthesis in memcpy.cRandolph Chung-1/+1
>>>> I think this is what was intended? Note that this patch may affect >>>> profiling. >>> it really should be >>> >>> - if (likely(t1 & (sizeof(unsigned int)-1)) == 0) { >>> + if (likely((t1 & (sizeof(unsigned int)-1)) == 0)) { >>> >>> randolph Reported-by: Roel Kluin <> Signed-off-by: Randolph Chung <> Signed-off-by: Kyle McMartin <>
2009-01-05parisc: lib/: make code staticAdrian Bunk-1/+1
Make the following needlessly global code static: - iomap.c: struct iomap_ops[] - memcpy.c: pa_memcpy() Signed-off-by: Adrian Bunk <> Cc: Matthew Wilcox <> Cc: Grant Grundler <> Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <> Signed-off-by: Kyle McMartin <>
2008-05-15parisc: replace remaining __FUNCTION__ occurrencesHarvey Harrison-1/+1
__FUNCTION__ is gcc-specific, use __func__ Signed-off-by: Harvey Harrison <> Cc: Kyle McMartin <> Cc: Matthew Wilcox <> Cc: Grant Grundler <> Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <> Signed-off-by: Kyle McMartin <>
2007-10-18[PARISC] parisc: "extern inline" -> "static inline"Adrian Bunk-2/+2
"extern inline" will have different semantics with gcc 4.3, and "static inline" is correct here. Signed-off-by: Adrian Bunk <> Cc: Matthew Wilcox <> Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <> Signed-off-by: Kyle McMartin <>
2007-02-17[PARISC] add ASM_EXCEPTIONTABLE_ENTRY() macroHelge Deller-28/+10
- this macro unifies the code to add exception table entries - additionally use ENTRY()/ENDPROC() at more places Signed-off-by: Helge Deller <> Signed-off-by: Kyle McMartin <>
2006-06-30Remove obsolete #include <linux/config.h>Jörn Engel-1/+0
Signed-off-by: Jörn Engel <> Signed-off-by: Adrian Bunk <>
2005-10-21[PARISC] Disable use of fpregs in pa_memcpyRandolph Chung-0/+2
Disable use of fpregs in pa_memcpy, and turn on the -mdisable-fpregs flag. Signed-off-by: Randolph Chung <> Signed-off-by: Kyle McMartin <>
2005-04-16Linux-2.6.12-rc2v2.6.12-rc2Linus Torvalds-0/+522
Initial git repository build. I'm not bothering with the full history, even though we have it. We can create a separate "historical" git archive of that later if we want to, and in the meantime it's about 3.2GB when imported into git - space that would just make the early git days unnecessarily complicated, when we don't have a lot of good infrastructure for it. Let it rip!