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2015-10-01blk-mq: factor out a helper to iterate all tags for a request_queueChristoph Hellwig-18/+25
2015-10-01blk-mq: fix racy updates of rq->errorsChristoph Hellwig-6/+6
2015-09-29blk-mq: fix deadlock when reading cpu_listAkinobu Mita-4/+7
2015-09-29blk-mq: avoid inserting requests before establishing new mappingAkinobu Mita-19/+52
2015-09-29blk-mq: fix q->mq_usage_counter access raceAkinobu Mita-3/+4
2015-09-29blk-mq: Fix use after of free q->mq_mapAkinobu Mita-5/+3
2015-09-29blk-mq: fix sysfs registration/unregistration raceAkinobu Mita-11/+25
2015-09-29blk-mq: avoid setting hctx->tags->cpumask before allocationAkinobu Mita-1/+8
2015-09-19Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// Torvalds-39/+61
2015-09-17block: fix bounce_end_ioMing Lei-1/+3
2015-09-17block: blk-merge: fast-clone bio when splitting rw biosMing Lei-15/+4
2015-09-11block: blkg_destroy_all() should clear q->root_blkg and ->root_rl.blkgTejun Heo-0/+3
2015-09-11block: Copy a user iovec if it includes gapsSagi Grimberg-2/+24
2015-09-11block: Refuse adding appending a gapped integrity page to a bioSagi Grimberg-0/+5
2015-09-11block: Refuse request/bio merges with gaps in the integrity payloadSagi Grimberg-0/+9
2015-09-10Merge branch 'for-4.3/blkcg' of git:// Torvalds-800/+891
2015-09-03Merge branch 'for_linus' of git:// Torvalds-27/+4
2015-09-03block: Check for gaps on front and back mergesJens Axboe-13/+6
2015-09-02block: fix bogus compiler warnings in blk-merge.cJens Axboe-8/+7
2015-09-02Merge branch 'for-4.3/sg' of git:// Torvalds-1/+1
2015-09-02Merge branch 'for-4.3/core' of git:// Torvalds-313/+421
2015-09-01blk: Fix bio_io_vec index when checking bvec gapsKeith Busch-1/+1
2015-08-19block: Replace SG_GAPS with new queue limits maskKeith Busch-18/+22
2015-08-18blkcg: use CGROUP_WEIGHT_* scale for io.weight on the unified hierarchyTejun Heo-15/+61
2015-08-18blkcg: s/CFQ_WEIGHT_*/CFQ_WEIGHT_LEGACY_*/Tejun Heo-11/+11
2015-08-18blkcg: implement interface for the unified hierarchyTejun Heo-5/+221
2015-08-18blkcg: misc preparations for unified hierarchy interfaceTejun Heo-5/+6
2015-08-18blkcg: separate out tg_conf_updated() from tg_set_conf()Tejun Heo-28/+32
2015-08-18blkcg: move body parsing from blkg_conf_prep() to its callersTejun Heo-20/+37
2015-08-18blkcg: mark existing cftypes as legacyTejun Heo-10/+10
2015-08-18blkcg: rename subsystem name from blkio to ioTejun Heo-4/+5
2015-08-18blkcg: refine error codes returned during blkcg configurationTejun Heo-7/+7
2015-08-18blkcg: remove unnecessary NULL checks from __cfqg_set_weight_device()Tejun Heo-4/+1
2015-08-18blkcg: reduce stack usage of blkg_rwstat_recursive_sum()Tejun Heo-6/+4
2015-08-18blkcg: remove cfqg_stats->sectorsTejun Heo-19/+36
2015-08-18blkcg: move io_service_bytes and io_serviced stats into blkcg_gqTejun Heo-90/+113
2015-08-18blkcg: make blkg_[rw]stat_recursive_sum() to be able to index into blkcg_gqTejun Heo-31/+46
2015-08-18blkcg: make blkcg_[rw]stat per-cpuTejun Heo-83/+86
2015-08-18blkcg: add blkg_[rw]stat->aux_cnt and replace cfq_group->dead_stats with itTejun Heo-53/+24
2015-08-18blkcg: consolidate blkg creation in blkcg_bio_issue_check()Tejun Heo-97/+19
2015-08-18blk-throttle: improve queue bypass handlingTejun Heo-3/+4
2015-08-18blkcg: move root blkg lookup optimization from throtl_lookup_tg() to __blkg_l...Tejun Heo-7/+0
2015-08-18blkcg: inline [__]blkg_lookup()Tejun Heo-36/+2
2015-08-18blkcg: replace blkcg_policy->cpd_size with ->cpd_alloc/free_fn() methodsTejun Heo-16/+42
2015-08-18blkcg: minor updates around blkcg_policy_dataTejun Heo-17/+18
2015-08-18blkcg: make blkcg_policy methods take a pointer to blkcg_policy_dataTejun Heo-23/+22
2015-08-18blk-throttle: clean up blkg_policy_data alloc/init/exit/free methodsTejun Heo-52/+31
2015-08-18blk-throttle: remove asynchrnous percpu stats allocation mechanismTejun Heo-87/+25
2015-08-18blkcg: replace blkcg_policy->pd_size with ->pd_alloc/free_fn() methodsTejun Heo-12/+35
2015-08-18blkcg: make blkcg_activate_policy() allow NULL ->pd_init_fnTejun Heo-1/+2