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2010-03-08Merge branch 'for-next' into for-linusJiri Kosina-2/+2
2010-03-05Merge git:// Torvalds-13/+16
2010-03-03Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// Torvalds-1/+1
2010-03-03crypto: authenc - Move saved IV in front of the ablkcipher requestSteffen Klassert-11/+14
2010-03-03crypto: hash - Fix handling of unaligned buffersSzilveszter Ördög-1/+0
2010-03-02crypto: authenc - Use correct ahash complete functionsSteffen Klassert-1/+1
2010-03-02crypto: md5 - Set statesizeHerbert Xu-0/+1
2010-02-26Merge git:// Torvalds-457/+1292
2010-02-17percpu: add __percpu sparse annotations to what's leftTejun Heo-1/+1
2010-02-16crypto: aes_generic - Fix checkpatch errorsRichard Hartmann-2/+2
2010-02-16crypto: fcrypt - Fix checkpatch errorsRichard Hartmann-3/+3
2010-02-16crypto: ecb - Fix checkpatch errorsRichard Hartmann-1/+1
2010-02-16crypto: des_generic - Fix checkpatch errorsRichard Hartmann-2/+1
2010-02-16crypto: deflate - Fix checkpatch errorsRichard Hartmann-10/+10
2010-02-16crypto: crypto_null - Fix checkpatch errorsRichard Hartmann-4/+4
2010-02-16crypto: cipher - Fix checkpatch errorsRichard Hartmann-1/+1
2010-02-16crypto: crc32 - Fix checkpatch errorsRichard Hartmann-3/+3
2010-02-16crypto: compress - Fix checkpatch errorsRichard Hartmann-2/+2
2010-02-16crypto: cast6 - Fix checkpatch errorsRichard Hartmann-60/+62
2010-02-16crypto: cast5 - Fix checkpatch errorsRichard Hartmann-7/+7
2010-02-16crypto: camellia - Fix checkpatch errorsRichard Hartmann-308/+308
2010-02-16crypto: authenc - Fix checkpatch errorsRichard Hartmann-5/+5
2010-02-16crypto: api - Fix checkpatch errorsRichard Hartmann-7/+6
2010-02-16crypto: anubis - Fix checkpatch errorsRichard Hartmann-11/+11
2010-02-16crypto: algapi - Fix checkpatch errorsRichard Hartmann-2/+2
2010-02-16crypto: blowfish - Fix checkpatch errorsRichard Hartmann-9/+9
2010-02-16crypto: aead - Fix checkpatch errorsRichard Hartmann-2/+2
2010-02-16crypto: ablkcipher - Fix checkpatch errorsRichard Hartmann-2/+2
2010-02-05crypto: fix typo in Kconfig help textJiri Kosina-2/+2
2010-02-04crypto: pcrypt - call the complete function on errorSteffen Klassert-3/+3
2010-01-17crypto: md5 - Add export supportMax Vozeler-16/+24
2010-01-17crypto: gcm - Add RFC4543 wrapper for GCMTobias Brunner-0/+287
2010-01-07crypto: pcrypt - Add pcrypt crypto parallelization wrapperSteffen Klassert-0/+456
2009-12-30Merge branch 'fixes' of git:// Torvalds-0/+7
2009-12-23crypto: testmgr - Fix complain about lack test for internal used algorithmYouquan, Song-0/+84
2009-12-17async_tx: expand async raid6 test to cover ioatdma corner caseDan Williams-0/+7
2009-12-14Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// Torvalds-1/+1
2009-12-08Merge git:// Torvalds-443/+111
2009-12-08Merge git:// Torvalds-9/+3
2009-12-01Merge git:// Xu-247/+1445
2009-11-30Merge git:// Torvalds-34/+73
2009-11-23crypto: ansi_cprng - Move FIPS functions under CONFIG_CRYPTO_FIPSJaswinder Singh Rajput-28/+28
2009-11-23crypto: testmgr - Add ghash algorithm test before provide to usersYouquan, Song-0/+24
2009-11-19async_tx: build-time toggling of async_{syndrome,xor}_val dma supportDan Williams-6/+28
2009-11-18sysctl: Drop & in front of every proc_handler.Eric W. Biederman-1/+1
2009-11-16crypto: gcm - fix another complete call in complete fuctionHuang Ying-34/+73
2009-11-12sysctl crypto: Remove dead binary sysctl supportEric W. Biederman-8/+2
2009-10-31Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// Torvalds-65/+113
2009-10-27crypto: ghash-intel - Fix building failure on x86_32Huang Ying-0/+1
2009-10-27crypto: testmgr - Fix warningFelipe Contreras-1/+1