path: root/drivers/acpi/property.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorLines
2016-10-11ACPI / property: Allow holes in reference propertiesMika Westerberg-49/+68
2016-03-17ACPI / property: fix data node parsing in acpi_get_next_subnode()Irina Tirdea-0/+1
2015-12-07device property: return -EINVAL when property isn't found in ACPIAndy Shevchenko-5/+5
2015-10-22ACPI / property: Fix subnode lookup scope for data-only subnodesRafael J. Wysocki-1/+8
2015-09-15ACPI / property: Extend device_get_next_child_node() to data-only nodesRafael J. Wysocki-8/+80
2015-09-15ACPI / property: Extend fwnode_property_* to data-only subnodesRafael J. Wysocki-33/+105
2015-09-15ACPI / property: Expose data-only subnodes via sysfsRafael J. Wysocki-3/+5
2015-09-15ACPI / property: Add support for data-only subnodesRafael J. Wysocki-1/+132
2015-09-15ACPI / property: Add routine for extraction of _DSD propertiesRafael J. Wysocki-32/+37
2015-08-26device property: attach 'else if' to the proper 'if'Andy Shevchenko-2/+3
2015-05-22ACPI / property: Define a symbol for PRP0001Rafael J. Wysocki-4/+4
2015-05-05ACPI / property: Refine consistency check for PRP0001Rafael J. Wysocki-23/+31
2014-11-05ACPI / property: Drop size_prop from acpi_dev_get_property_reference()Rafael J. Wysocki-46/+16
2014-11-04ACPI: Allow drivers to match using Device Tree compatible propertyMika Westerberg-0/+39
2014-11-04Driver core: Unified device properties interface for platform firmwareRafael J. Wysocki-0/+178
2014-11-04ACPI: Add support for device specific propertiesMika Westerberg-0/+364