path: root/drivers/crypto/hisilicon
AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorLines
2020-06-15crypto: hisilicon - Cap block size at 2^31Herbert Xu-1/+2
2020-05-28crypto: hisilicon - fix driver compatibility issue with different versions of...Weili Qian-112/+39
2020-05-23crypto: hisilicon/qm - change debugfs file name from qm_regs to regsShukun Tan-1/+1
2020-05-23crypto: hisilicon/qm - add DebugFS for xQC and xQE dumpShukun Tan-39/+488
2020-05-23crypto: hisilicon/zip - add debugfs for Hisilicon ZIPLongfang Liu-1/+70
2020-05-23crypto: hisilicon/hpre - add debugfs for Hisilicon HPREHui Tang-15/+157
2020-05-23crypto: hisilicon/sec2 - add debugfs for Hisilicon SECKai Ye-10/+52
2020-05-23crypto: hisilicon/qm - add debugfs to the QM state machineLongfang Liu-0/+34
2020-05-23crypto: hisilicon/qm - add debugfs for QMLongfang Liu-0/+60
2020-05-15crypto: hisilicon/zip - Use temporary sqe when doing workZhou Wang-6/+5
2020-05-15crypto: hisilicon - add device error report through abnormal irqShukun Tan-153/+187
2020-05-15crypto: hisilicon - remove codes of directly report device errors through MSIShukun Tan-48/+13
2020-05-15crypto: hisilicon - QM memory management optimizationWeili Qian-141/+128
2020-05-15crypto: hisilicon - unify initial value assignment into QMWeili Qian-72/+81
2020-05-15crypto: hisilicon - remove use_dma_api related codesShukun Tan-25/+13
2020-05-15crypto: hisilicon - add FLR supportShukun Tan-4/+165
2020-05-15crypto: hisilicon/qm - add state machine for QMZhou Wang-83/+307
2020-05-15crypto: hisilicon - refactor module parameter pf_q_num related codeShukun Tan-97/+49
2020-05-15crypto: hisilicon/zip - modify the ZIP probe processLongfang Liu-18/+42
2020-05-15crypto: hisilicon/hpre - modify the HPRE probe processLongfang Liu-17/+25
2020-05-15crypto: hisilicon/sec2 - modify the SEC probe processLongfang Liu-37/+30
2020-05-15crypto: hisilicon/sec2 - constify sec_dfx_regsRikard Falkeborn-1/+1
2020-05-15crypto: hisilicon/zip - constify struct debugfs_reg32Rikard Falkeborn-1/+1
2020-05-15crypto: hisilicon/hpre - constify struct debugfs_reg32Rikard Falkeborn-2/+2
2020-05-08crypto: hisilicon/sec2 - use crypto_shash_tfm_digest()Eric Biggers-3/+2
2020-04-30crypto: hisilicon/qm - Make qm_controller_reset() staticZou Wei-1/+1
2020-04-22crypto: hisilicon/qm - add more ACPI dependenciesStephen Rothwell-0/+3
2020-04-20crypto: hisilicon/qm - fix build failure with ACPI offShukun Tan-0/+1
2020-04-16crypto: hisilicon/qm - stop qp by judging sq and cq tailYang Shen-9/+114
2020-04-16crypto: hisilicon/sec2 - add controller reset support for SEC2Yang Shen-12/+28
2020-04-16crypto: hisilicon/hpre - add controller reset support for HPREHui Tang-9/+37
2020-04-16crypto: hisilicon/zip - add controller reset support for zipShukun Tan-6/+51
2020-04-16crypto: hisilicon/qm - add controller reset interfaceShukun Tan-0/+560
2020-04-16crypto: hisilicon - add vfs_num module parameter for hpre/secHao Fang-2/+64
2020-04-16crypto: hisilicon - unify SR-IOV related codes into QMShukun Tan-324/+138
2020-04-16crypto: hisilicon - put vfs_num into struct hisi_qmShukun Tan-29/+22
2020-04-03crypto: hisilicon - Fix build errorYueHaibing-0/+2
2020-03-20crypto: hisilicon/sec2 - Add new create qp processKai Ye-61/+42
2020-03-20crypto: hisilicon/hpre - Optimize finding hpre device processHui Tang-55/+20
2020-03-20crypto: hisilicon/zip - Use hisi_qm_alloc_qps_node() when init ctxShukun Tan-114/+34
2020-03-20crypto: hisilicon/qm - Put device finding logic into QMWeili Qian-0/+156
2020-03-12crypto: hisilicon/sec2 - Add pbuffer mode for SEC driverLongfang Liu-5/+172
2020-03-12crypto: hisilicon/sec2 - Update IV and MAC operationLongfang Liu-32/+43
2020-03-12crypto: hisilicon/sec2 - Add iommu status checkLongfang Liu-0/+20
2020-03-12crypto: hisilicon/sec2 - Add workqueue for SEC driver.Ye Kai-3/+29
2020-03-12crypto: hisilicon - Use one workqueue per qm instead of per qpShukun Tan-25/+19
2020-03-06crypto: hisilicon - qm depends on UACCEHongbo Yao-0/+2
2020-02-28crypto: hisilicon - remove redundant assignment of pointer ctxColin Ian King-1/+0
2020-02-22crypto: hisilicon - register zip engine to uacceZhangfei Gao-8/+260
2020-02-22crypto: hisilicon - Remove module_param uacce_modeZhangfei Gao-25/+6