path: root/drivers/usb/serial/ftdi_sio.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorLines
2009-07-13Merge git:// Torvalds-1/+66
2009-07-12USB serial: Add ID for Turtelizer, an FT2232L-based JTAG/RS-232 adapter.Krzysztof Halasa-0/+2
2009-07-12USB: ftdi: support NDI devicesMartin Geleynse-1/+60
2009-07-12USB: serial: FTDI with product code FB80 and vendor id 0403Folkert van Heusden-0/+1
2009-07-12USB: ftdi_sio - product ID's for CCS PIC programmersJan Capek-0/+3
2009-07-12headers: smp_lock.h reduxAlexey Dobriyan-0/+1
2009-07-10tty: Fix USB kref leakAlan Cox-1/+1
2009-06-15USB: usb-serial: replace shutdown with disconnect, releaseAlan Stern-14/+0
2009-06-15USB: serial: ftd_sio: implement sysrq handling on breakJason Wessel-2/+6
2009-06-15USB: serial: ftd_sio usb: move status checkJason Wessel-5/+5
2009-06-15USB: ftdi_sio: fix hi-speed device packet size calculationMark Adamson-8/+48
2009-06-15USB: serial: FTDI: add high speed device supportMark Adamson-10/+80
2009-06-15USB: FTDI-SIO new device idsDaniel Suchy-0/+1
2009-06-11ftdi_sio: don't override modem bitsAlan Cox-5/+0
2009-06-11ft232: support the ASYNC_LOW_LATENCY flagAlan Cox-34/+60
2009-06-11tty: Bring the usb tty port structure into more useAlan Cox-22/+28
2009-05-18Fix oops on close of hot-unplugged FTDI serial converterDavid Woodhouse-8/+1
2009-05-08usb-serial: ftdi_sio: fix reference counting of ftdi_privateAlan Stern-4/+14
2009-05-08USB: ftdi_sio: add vendor/product id for the Marvell SheevaPlugNicolas Pitre-0/+2
2009-04-17USB: ftdi_sio: add vendor/project id for JETI specbos 1201 spectrometerPeter Korsgaard-0/+1
2009-03-24USB: make actual_length in struct urb field u32Greg Kroah-Hartman-1/+1
2009-03-24USB: ftdi_sio: remove pointless syslog spewDavid Brownell-9/+2
2009-03-24USB: Remove redundant test in pxa27x_udc and ftdi_sioJulia Lawall-9/+7
2009-03-17USB: serial: ftdi: enable UART detection on gnICE JTAG adaptors blacklist int...Michael Hennerich-0/+2
2009-03-17USB: serial: add FTDI USB/Serial converter devicesAxel Wachtler-0/+3
2009-02-09USB: ftdi_sio: unlock_kernel() on error in set_serial_info()Dan Carpenter-1/+3
2009-02-09USB: ftdi_sio: add support for the NDI Polaris systemStephane Clerambault-0/+1
2009-01-27USB: ftdi_sio driver support of bar code scanner from DieboldMhayk Whandson-0/+1
2009-01-27USB: ftdi_sio: added Alti-2 VID and Neptune 3 PIDRobie Basak-0/+1
2009-01-15ftdi_sio: fix kref leakJim Paris-1/+1
2009-01-02tty: Drop the lock_kernel in the private ioctl hookAlan Cox-1/+8
2008-12-17USB: ftdi_sio: Adding Ewert Energy System's CANdapter PIDAndrew Ewert-0/+1
2008-12-17USB: tty: SprogII DCC controller identifiersAlan Cox-0/+1
2008-12-05Fix incorrect use of loose in tty/serial driversNick Andrew-1/+1
2008-10-17USB: remove use of err() in drivers/usb/serialGreg Kroah-Hartman-27/+41
2008-10-17USB: remove info() macro from usb/serial driversGreg Kroah-Hartman-4/+7
2008-10-17USB: ftdi_sio: fix 'product' parameter descriptionPaulius Zaleckas-1/+1
2008-10-17USB: Add Oceanic product ID to ftdi_sioVladimir Vukicevic-0/+1
2008-10-13tty: usb-serial krefsAlan Cox-8/+11
2008-10-13ftdi: A few errors are err() that should be debug which causes much spewageAlan Cox-3/+3
2008-09-23usb: ftdi_sio: add support for Domintell devicesGaetan Carlier-0/+2
2008-09-23USB: ftdi_sio: Add 0x5050/0x0900 USB IDs (Papouch Quido USB 4/4)Jaroslav Kysela-0/+1
2008-08-13USB: ftdi_sio: add support for PHI Fisco data cable (FT232BM based, VID/PID 0...Lex Ross-0/+1
2008-08-13USB: ftdi_sio: add support for Luminance Stellaris Evaluation/Development KitsFrederik Kriewitz-0/+4
2008-08-13USB: ftdi_sio: Add USB Product Id for ELV HS485André Schenk-0/+1
2008-07-22ftdi_sio: Coding styleAlan Cox-506/+572
2008-07-22usb_serial: API all changeAlan Cox-106/+105
2008-07-03USB: New device ID for ftdi_sio driverJon K Hellan-0/+1
2008-05-29USB: FTDI_SIO : Add support for Matrix Orbital PID RangeRay Molenkamp-1/+263
2008-05-20usb-serial: Use ftdi_sio driver for RATOC REX-USB60FAtsushi Nemoto-0/+1