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2014-11-30Merge branch 'drm-fixes' of git:// Torvalds-1/+23
2014-11-29Merge branch 'irq-urgent-for-linus' of git:// Torvalds-7/+7
2014-11-29Merge tag 'scsi-fixes' of git:// Torvalds-52/+77
2014-11-28Merge tag 'staging-3.18-rc7' of git:// Torvalds-29/+104
2014-11-28Merge tag 'tty-3.18-rc7' of git:// Torvalds-27/+0
2014-11-28Merge tag 'usb-3.18-rc7' of git:// Torvalds-144/+224
2014-11-28Merge branch 'fixes' of git:// Torvalds-22/+27
2014-11-28Merge tag 'drm-intel-fixes-2014-11-27' of git:// Airlie-0/+5
2014-11-27Merge git:// Torvalds-67/+114
2014-11-27Merge tag 'spi-v3.18-rc6' of git:// Torvalds-10/+6
2014-11-27Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// Torvalds-12/+18
2014-11-27staging: r8188eu: Add new device ID for DLink GO-USB-N150Larry Finger-0/+1
2014-11-27Merge branch 'drm-fixes-3.18' of git:// in...Dave Airlie-1/+18
2014-11-26drm/radeon: report disconnected for LVDS/eDP with PX if ddc failsAlex Deucher-1/+18
2014-11-26staging: r8188eu: Fix scheduling while atomic error introduced in commit fadb...Larry Finger-18/+18
2014-11-26Merge tag 'master-2014-11-25' of git:// S. Miller-15/+24
2014-11-26net: Check for presence of IFLA_AF_SPECThomas Graf-0/+4
2014-11-26net: Validate IFLA_BRIDGE_MODE attribute lengthThomas Graf-0/+6
2014-11-26Merge tag 'iio-fixes-for-3.18c' of git:// Kroah-Hartman-11/+85
2014-11-26Merge remote-tracking branches 'spi/fix/dw' and 'spi/fix/sirf' into spi-linusMark Brown-7/+3
2014-11-26Merge remote-tracking branch 'spi/fix/dma' into spi-linusMark Brown-3/+3
2014-11-26stmmac: platform: fix default values of the filter bins settingHuacai Chen-6/+7
2014-11-26net/mlx4_core: Limit count field to 24 bits in qp_alloc_resJack Morgenstein-1/+1
2014-11-26net: dsa: bcm_sf2: reset switch prior to initializationFlorian Fainelli-23/+29
2014-11-26net: dsa: bcm_sf2: fix unmapping registers in case of errorsFlorian Fainelli-2/+4
2014-11-26drm/i915: Cancel vdd off work before suspendVille Syrjälä-0/+1
2014-11-26ufs: fix NULL dereference when no regulators are definedAkinobu Mita-0/+6
2014-11-26ufs: ensure clk gating work is finished before module unloadingAkinobu Mita-0/+2
2014-11-26irqchip: brcmstb-l2: Fix error handling of irq_of_parse_and_mapDmitry Torokhov-2/+2
2014-11-26irqchip: bcm7120-l2: Fix error handling of irq_of_parse_and_mapDmitry Torokhov-2/+2
2014-11-25Merge branch 'merge' of git:// Torvalds-0/+36
2014-11-25Merge tag 'hwmon-for-linus-v3.18-rc7' of git:// Torvalds-4/+2
2014-11-25Merge tag 'clk-fixes-for-linus' of Torvalds-32/+31
2014-11-25Revert "serial: of-serial: add PM suspend/resume support"Greg Kroah-Hartman-27/+0
2014-11-25tg3: fix ring init when there are more TX than RX channelsThadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo-1/+2
2014-11-25rtlwifi: Change order in device startupLarry Finger-10/+10
2014-11-25rtlwifi: rtl8821ae: Fix 5G detection problemLarry Finger-2/+3
2014-11-25vxlan: Fix boolean flip in VXLAN_F_UDP_ZERO_CSUM6_[TX|RX]Alexander Duyck-2/+2
2014-11-25Input: xpad - use proper endpoint typeGreg Kroah-Hartman-3/+13
2014-11-25Input: elantech - trust firmware about trackpoint presenceDmitry Torokhov-9/+1
2014-11-24usb-quirks: Add reset-resume quirk for MS Wireless Laser Mouse 6000Hans de Goede-0/+3
2014-11-24xen-netback: do not report success if backend_create_xenvif() failsAlexey Khoroshilov-6/+9
2014-11-24Merge tag 'iwlwifi-for-john-2014-11-23' of git:// W. Linville-3/+11
2014-11-24drm/i915: Ignore SURFLIVE and flip counter when the GPU gets resetVille Syrjälä-0/+4
2014-11-24gpu/radeon: Set flag to indicate broken 64-bit MSIBenjamin Herrenschmidt-0/+10
2014-11-24PCI/MSI: Add device flag indicating that 64-bit MSIs don't workBenjamin Herrenschmidt-0/+26
2014-11-23iwlwifi: mvm: check TLV flag before trying to use hotspot firmware commandsLuciano Coelho-3/+11
2014-11-23solos-pci: fix error return codeJulia Lawall-0/+2
2014-11-23igb: Fixes needed for surprise removal supportCarolyn Wyborny-7/+16
2014-11-23ixgbe: fix use after free adapter->state test in ixgbe_remove/ixgbe_probeDaniel Borkmann-2/+6