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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorLines
2020-06-15io_uring: cancel by ->task not pidPavel Begunkov-1/+0
2020-06-15io_uring: cancel all task's requests on exitPavel Begunkov-1/+0
2020-06-15io-wq: add an option to cancel all matched reqsPavel Begunkov-1/+1
2020-06-10io_uring: avoid whole io_wq_work copy for requests completed inlineXiaoguang Wang-5/+0
2020-06-08io_wq: add per-wq work handler instead of per workPavel Begunkov-3/+4
2020-04-03io_uring: use io-wq manager as backup task if task is exitingJens Axboe-0/+2
2020-03-23io-wq: handle hashed writes in chainsPavel Begunkov-8/+37
2020-03-22io_uring: Fix ->data corruption on re-enqueuePavel Begunkov-4/+1
2020-03-14io-wq: split hashing and enqueueingPavel Begunkov-1/+6
2020-03-04io_uring/io-wq: forward submission ref to asyncPavel Begunkov-4/+2
2020-03-02io_uring: remove IO_WQ_WORK_CBPavel Begunkov-1/+0
2020-03-02io-wq: remove unused IO_WQ_WORK_HAS_MMPavel Begunkov-1/+0
2020-03-02io-wq: remove io_wq_flush and IO_WQ_WORK_INTERNALPavel Begunkov-2/+0
2020-02-25io-wq: ensure work->task_pid is cleared on initJens Axboe-10/+4
2020-02-09io-wq: add io_wq_cancel_pid() to cancel based on a specific pidJens Axboe-0/+2
2020-02-08io-wq: add support for inheriting ->fsJens Axboe-1/+3
2020-01-29io_uring: fix linked command file table usageJens Axboe-1/+0
2020-01-28io-wq: allow grabbing existing io-wqPavel Begunkov-0/+1
2020-01-28io_uring/io-wq: don't use static creds/mm assignmentsJens Axboe-3/+4
2020-01-20io-wq: support concurrent non-blocking workJens Axboe-0/+1
2020-01-20io-wq: add support for uncancellable workJens Axboe-0/+1
2019-12-17io-wq: re-add io_wq_current_is_worker()Jens Axboe-2/+6
2019-12-10io-wq: briefly spin for new work after finishing workJens Axboe-3/+4
2019-12-04io-wq: clear node->next on list deletionJens Axboe-0/+1
2019-12-03io_uring: remove io_wq_current_is_workerJackie Liu-6/+2
2019-12-02io_uring: use current task creds instead of allocating a new oneJens Axboe-1/+1
2019-11-26io-wq: shrink io_wq_work a bitJens Axboe-2/+44
2019-11-25io_uring: async workers should inherit the user credsJens Axboe-0/+1
2019-11-25io-wq: have io_wq_create() take a 'data' argumentJens Axboe-3/+9
2019-11-25io_uring: close lookup gap for dependent next workJens Axboe-1/+5
2019-11-13io_wq: add get/put_work handlers to io_wq_create()Jens Axboe-1/+6
2019-11-12io_uring: use correct "is IO worker" helperJens Axboe-0/+4
2019-11-07io-wq: add support for bounded vs unbunded workJens Axboe-1/+3
2019-11-01io_uring: support for generic async request cancelJens Axboe-0/+5
2019-10-29io_uring: io_uring: add support for async work inheriting filesJens Axboe-0/+3
2019-10-29io-wq: small threadpool implementation for io_uringJens Axboe-0/+55