path: root/fs/nsfs.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorLines
2016-10-10Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// Torvalds-1/+1
2016-09-27fs: Replace CURRENT_TIME with current_time() for inode timestampsDeepa Dinamani-1/+1
2016-09-22nsfs: Simplify __ns_get_pathEric W. Biederman-5/+2
2016-09-22nsfs: add ioctl to get a parent namespaceAndrey Vagin-0/+4
2016-09-22nsfs: add ioctl to get an owning user namespace for ns file descriptorAndrey Vagin-13/+83
2015-09-11fs/seq_file: convert int seq_vprint/seq_printf/etc... returns to voidJoe Perches-1/+2
2015-07-11nsfs: Add a show_path method to fix mountinfoEric W. Biederman-0/+10
2015-04-15VFS: assorted weird filesystems: d_inode() annotationsDavid Howells-2/+2
2014-12-10take the targets of /proc/*/ns/* symlinks to separate fsAl Viro-0/+161