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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorLines
2007-05-08move die notifier handling to common codeChristoph Hellwig-25/+0
2007-05-08tty: i386/x86_64 arbitary speed supportAlan Cox-1/+1
2007-05-08ipmi: add new IPMI nmi watchdog handlingCorey Minyard-0/+1
2007-05-07Revert "[PATCH] x86: __pa and __pa_symbol address space separation"Linus Torvalds-13/+9
2007-05-05Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// Torvalds-523/+184
2007-05-04Merge Torvalds-0/+2
2007-05-04Merge Torvalds-2/+4
2007-05-02PCI: scatterlist.h needs types.hJean Delvare-0/+2
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86-64: Use the 32bit wd_ops for 64bit too.Andi Kleen-0/+9
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86-64: Auto compute __NR_syscall_max at compile timeAndi Kleen-2/+0
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86-64: Use safe_apic_wait_icr_idle in __send_IPI_dest_field - x86_64Fernando Luis [** ISO-8859-1 charset **] VázquezCao-1/+4
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86-64: __send_IPI_dest_field - x86_64Fernando Luis [** ISO-8859-1 charset **] VázquezCao-22/+32
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86-64: safe_apic_wait_icr_idle - x86_64Fernando Luis VazquezCao-5/+3
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86: Save the MTRRs of the BSP before booting an APBernhard Kaindl-0/+2
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86: Adds mtrr_save_fixed_ranges() for use in two later patches.Bernhard Kaindl-0/+2
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86-64: Move mtrr prototypes from proto.h to mtrr.hAndi Kleen-7/+8
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86: PARAVIRT: Jeremy Fitzhardinge <>Jeremy Fitzhardinge-2/+2
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86: PARAVIRT: add hooks to intercept mm creation and destructionJeremy Fitzhardinge-0/+1
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86: Clean up x86 control register and MSR macros (corrected)H. Peter Anvin-327/+9
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86: Don't use MWAIT on AMD Family 10Andi Kleen-0/+2
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86-64: Clean up asm-x86_64/bugs.hJeremy Fitzhardinge-26/+5
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86-64: fix arithmetic in commentAvi Kivity-1/+1
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86-64: Use X86_EFLAGS_IF in x86-64/irqflags.h.Andi Kleen-25/+32
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86-64: Account for module percpu space separately from kernel percpuJeremy Fitzhardinge-10/+0
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86: sys_ioperm() prototype cleanupAdrian Bunk-1/+0
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86-64: use lru instead of page->index and page->private for pgd list...Christoph Lameter-12/+4
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86-64: Introduce load_TLS to the "for" loop.Rusty Russell-7/+4
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86-64: configurable fake numa node sizesDavid Rientjes-1/+1
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86: Log reason why TSC was marked unstablejohn stultz-1/+1
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86-64: build-time checkingVivek Goyal-0/+1
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86-64: Relocatable Kernel SupportVivek Goyal-2/+4
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86: __pa and __pa_symbol address space separationVivek Goyal-6/+4
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86-64: Remove the identity mapping as early as possibleVivek Goyal-3/+0
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86-64: wakeup.S rename registers to reflect right namesVivek Goyal-6/+6
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86-64: Add EFER to the register set saved by save_processor_stateVivek Goyal-0/+1
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86-64: cleanup segmentsVivek Goyal-1/+1
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86-64: Clean up the early boot page tableVivek Goyal-1/+0
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86-64: Assembly safe page.h and pgtable.hVivek Goyal-30/+52
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86-64: dma_ops as constStephen Hemminger-1/+1
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86-64: fix cpu MHz reporting on constant_tsc cpusJoerg Roedel-0/+1
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86-64: Remove duplicated code for reading control registersGlauber de Oliveira Costa-29/+11
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86-64: Remove unused set_seg_baseRusty Russell-10/+0
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86-64: Some cleanup in time.cAndi Kleen-0/+2
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86: consolidate smp_send_stop()Jan Beulich-1/+0
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86-64: adjust inclusion of asm/vsyscall32.hJan Beulich-1/+0
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86: adjust inclusion of asm/fixmap.hJan Beulich-7/+2
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86: default to physical mode on hotplug CPU kernelsIngo Molnar-1/+1
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86-64: always use physical delivery mode on > 8 CPUsIngo Molnar-1/+3
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86: revert x86_64-mm-fix-the-irqbalance-quirk-for-e7320-e7520-e7525Andrew Morton-1/+0
2007-05-02[PATCH] x86-64: revert x86_64-mm-add-genapic_forceAndrew Morton-1/+1