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2018-04-24netfilter: add NAT support for shifted portmap rangesThierry Du Tre-11/+21
2018-04-24netfilter: nf_tables: Simplify set backend selectionPhil Sutter-19/+15
2018-04-24netfilter: nf_tables: simplify lookup functionsPablo Neira Ayuso-6/+6
2018-04-24netfilter: nf_flow_table: add a new flow state for tearing down offloadingFelix Fietkau-0/+2
2018-04-24netfilter: nf_flow_table: make flow_offload_dead inlineFelix Fietkau-1/+4
2018-04-24netfilter: nf_flow_table: track flow tables in nf_flow_table directlyFelix Fietkau-3/+1
2018-04-24netfilter: nf_flow_table: move init code to nf_flow_table_core.cFelix Fietkau-4/+2
2018-04-21netfilter: nf_flow_table: cache mtu in struct flow_offload_tupleFelix Fietkau-0/+2
2018-04-21ipv6: make ip6_dst_mtu_forward inlineFelix Fietkau-2/+21
2018-04-19netfilter: nf_flow_table: use IP_CT_DIR_* values for FLOW_OFFLOAD_DIR_*Felix Fietkau-4/+4
2018-04-19netfilter: xt_NFLOG: use nf_log_packet instead of nfulnl_log_packet.Taehee Yoo-17/+0
2018-04-18soc: ti: K2G: provide APIs to support driver probe deferralMurali Karicheri-0/+13
2018-04-17net/ipv6: Remove unused code and variables for rt6_infoDavid Ahern-57/+3
2018-04-17net/ipv6: Flip FIB entries to fib6_infoDavid Ahern-38/+38
2018-04-17net/ipv6: separate handling of FIB entries from dst based routesDavid Ahern-5/+2
2018-04-17net/ipv6: introduce fib6_info struct and helpersDavid Ahern-0/+55
2018-04-17net/ipv6: Cleanup exception and cache route handlingDavid Ahern-1/+0
2018-04-17net/ipv6: Add gfp_flags to route add functionsDavid Ahern-2/+4
2018-04-17net/ipv6: Create a neigh_lookup for FIB entriesDavid Ahern-0/+3
2018-04-17net/ipv6: Move dst flags to booleans in fib entriesDavid Ahern-1/+4
2018-04-17net/ipv6: Add fib6_null_entryDavid Ahern-1/+2
2018-04-17net/ipv6: move expires into rt6_infoDavid Ahern-4/+23
2018-04-17net/ipv6: move metrics from dst to rt6_infoDavid Ahern-8/+9
2018-04-17net/ipv6: Move nexthop data to fib6_nhDavid Ahern-7/+15
2018-04-17net/ipv6: Save route type in rt6_infoDavid Ahern-0/+1
2018-04-17net/ipv6: Pass net namespace to route functionsDavid Ahern-5/+7
2018-04-17net/ipv6: Pass net to fib6_update_sernumDavid Ahern-1/+1
2018-04-17net: Move fib_convert_metrics to metrics fileDavid Ahern-0/+3
2018-04-17vxlan: add ttl inherit supportHangbin Liu-0/+13
2018-04-17ipv6: Count interface receive statistics on the ingress netdevStephen Suryaputra-0/+14
2018-04-17net/ipv6: Make __inet6_bind staticDavid Ahern-2/+0
2018-04-17xdp: transition into using xdp_frame for ndo_xdp_xmitJesper Dangaard Brouer-2/+2
2018-04-17xdp: transition into using xdp_frame for return APIJesper Dangaard Brouer-1/+1
2018-04-17xdp: allow page_pool as an allocator type in xdp_return_frameJesper Dangaard Brouer-0/+17
2018-04-17page_pool: refurbish version of page_pool codeJesper Dangaard Brouer-0/+129
2018-04-17xdp: rhashtable with allocator ID to pointer mappingJesper Dangaard Brouer-12/+2
2018-04-17bpf: cpumap convert to use generic xdp_frameJesper Dangaard Brouer-0/+1
2018-04-17tun: convert to use generic xdp_frame and xdp_return_frame APIJesper Dangaard Brouer-2/+2
2018-04-17xdp: introduce a new xdp_frame typeJesper Dangaard Brouer-0/+40
2018-04-17xdp: move struct xdp_buff from filter.h to xdp.hJesper Dangaard Brouer-23/+23
2018-04-17xdp: introduce xdp_return_frame API and use in cpumapJesper Dangaard Brouer-0/+27
2018-04-16net: Remove unused tcp_set_state tracepointAndrey Ignatov-47/+0
2018-04-16PCI: Add two more values for PCIe Max_Read_Request_SizeHeiner Kallweit-0/+2
2018-04-16tcp: implement mmap() for zero copy receiveEric Dumazet-0/+2
2018-04-16tcp: avoid extra wakeups for SO_RCVLOWAT usersEric Dumazet-0/+1
2018-04-16tcp: fix SO_RCVLOWAT and RCVBUF autotuningEric Dumazet-0/+2
2018-04-12Merge git:// Torvalds-0/+1
2018-04-12Merge tag 'for-linus-4.17-rc1-tag' of git:// Torvalds-0/+25
2018-04-12Merge tag 'for_linus-4.16' of git:// Torvalds-0/+1
2018-04-12Merge tag 'asm-generic' of git:// Torvalds-18/+143