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2017-09-14Merge branch 'work.ipc' of git:// Torvalds-1120/+1011
2017-09-08ipc: optimize semget/shmget/msgget for lots of keysGuillaume Knispel-50/+124
2017-09-08ipc/sem: play nicer with large nsops allocationsDavidlohr Bueso-2/+2
2017-09-08ipc/sem: drop sem_checkid helperDavidlohr Bueso-2/+0
2017-09-08ipc: convert kern_ipc_perm.refcount from atomic_t to refcount_tElena Reshetova-3/+3
2017-09-08ipc: convert sem_undo_list.refcnt from atomic_t to refcount_tElena Reshetova-4/+4
2017-09-08ipc: convert ipc_namespace.count from atomic_t to refcount_tElena Reshetova-3/+3
2017-09-03ipc: shm: Make shmid_kernel timestamps y2038 safeDeepa Dinamani-5/+5
2017-09-03ipc: sem: Make sem_array timestamps y2038 safeDeepa Dinamani-9/+9
2017-09-03ipc: msg: Make msg_queue timestamps y2038 safeDeepa Dinamani-3/+3
2017-09-03ipc: mqueue: Replace timespec with timespec64Deepa Dinamani-14/+14
2017-09-03ipc: Make sys_semtimedop() y2038 safeDeepa Dinamani-6/+6
2017-08-21Merge branch 'for-mingo' of git:// Molnar-1/+2
2017-08-17ipc: Replace spin_unlock_wait() with lock/unlock pairPaul E. McKenney-1/+2
2017-08-02ipc: add missing container_of()s for randstructKees Cook-3/+7
2017-07-15semtimedop(): move compat to nativeAl Viro-21/+33
2017-07-15shmat(2): move compat to nativeAl Viro-16/+19
2017-07-15msgrcv(2), msgsnd(2): move compat to nativeAl Viro-39/+43
2017-07-15ipc(2): move compat to nativeAl Viro-95/+93
2017-07-15ipc: make use of compat ipc_perm helpersAl Viro-50/+8
2017-07-15semctl(): move compat to nativeAl Viro-197/+133
2017-07-15semctl(): separate all layout-dependent copyin/copyoutAl Viro-98/+94
2017-07-15msgctl(): move compat to nativeAl Viro-132/+133
2017-07-15msgctl(): split the actual work from copyin/copyoutAl Viro-106/+96
2017-07-15ipc: move compat shmctl to nativeAl Viro-235/+231
2017-07-15shmctl: split the work from copyin/copyoutAl Viro-175/+172
2017-07-12ipc/util.h: update documentation for ipc_getref() and ipc_putref()Manfred Spraul-0/+3
2017-07-12ipc/sem: drop __sem_free()Kees Cook-7/+2
2017-07-12ipc/msg: remove special msg_alloc/freeKees Cook-20/+4
2017-07-12ipc/shm: remove special shm_alloc/freeKees Cook-20/+4
2017-07-12ipc: move atomic_set() to where it is neededKees Cook-5/+1
2017-07-12ipc/msg.c: avoid ipc_rcu_putref for failed ipc_addid()Manfred Spraul-5/+5
2017-07-12ipc/shm.c: avoid ipc_rcu_putref for failed ipc_addid()Manfred Spraul-6/+3
2017-07-12ipc/sem.c: avoid ipc_rcu_putref for failed ipc_addid()Manfred Spraul-5/+4
2017-07-12ipc/util: drop ipc_rcu_alloc()Kees Cook-24/+0
2017-07-12ipc/msg: avoid ipc_rcu_alloc()Kees Cook-4/+14
2017-07-12ipc/shm: avoid ipc_rcu_alloc()Kees Cook-4/+14
2017-07-12ipc/sem: avoid ipc_rcu_alloc()Kees Cook-5/+20
2017-07-12ipc/util: drop ipc_rcu_free()Kees Cook-8/+0
2017-07-12ipc/msg: do not use ipc_rcu_free()Kees Cook-2/+7
2017-07-12ipc/shm: do not use ipc_rcu_free()Kees Cook-2/+7
2017-07-12ipc/sem: do not use ipc_rcu_free()Kees Cook-2/+7
2017-07-12ipc: drop non-RCU allocationKees Cook-33/+6
2017-07-12ipc: merge ipc_rcu and kern_ipc_permManfred Spraul-61/+63
2017-07-12ipc/sem.c: remove sem_base, embed struct semManfred Spraul-54/+34
2017-07-09mqueue: fix a use-after-free in sys_mq_notify()Cong Wang-1/+3
2017-07-07Merge tag 'for-linus-v4.13-1' of git:// Torvalds-1/+1
2017-07-05fs: remove call_fsync helper functionJeff Layton-1/+1
2017-07-04mqueue: move compat syscalls to native onesAl Viro-228/+262
2017-05-08mm: introduce kv[mz]alloc helpersMichal Hocko-6/+1