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2013-02-23ksm: allocate roots when neededHugh Dickins-23/+49
2013-02-23mm: cleanup "swapcache" in do_swap_pageHugh Dickins-10/+8
2013-02-23mm,ksm: swapoff might need to copyHugh Dickins-1/+14
2013-02-23mm,ksm: FOLL_MIGRATION do migration_entry_waitHugh Dickins-3/+19
2013-02-23ksm: shrink 32-bit rmap_item back to 32 bytesHugh Dickins-12/+14
2013-02-23ksm: treat unstable nid like in stable treeHugh Dickins-10/+9
2013-02-23ksm: add some commentsHugh Dickins-4/+14
2013-02-23tmpfs: fix mempolicy object leaksGreg Thelen-3/+10
2013-02-23tmpfs: fix use-after-free of mempolicy objectGreg Thelen-2/+8
2013-02-23mm/fadvise.c: drain all pagevecs if POSIX_FADV_DONTNEED fails to discard all ...Mel Gorman-2/+16
2013-02-23mm: export mmu notifier invalidatesCliff Wickman-0/+2
2013-02-23mm: accelerate mm_populate() treatment of THP pagesMichel Lespinasse-10/+27
2013-02-23mm: use long type for page counts in mm_populate() and get_user_pages()Michel Lespinasse-24/+25
2013-02-23mm: accurately document nr_free_*_pages functions with code commentsZhang Yanfei-4/+19
2013-02-23HWPOISON: change order of error_states[]'s elementsNaoya Horiguchi-3/+3
2013-02-23HWPOISON: fix misjudgement of page_action() for errors on mlocked pagesNaoya Horiguchi-5/+22
2013-02-23memcg: stop warning on memcg_propagate_kmemHugh Dickins-2/+2
2013-02-23vmscan: change type of vm_total_pages to unsigned longZhang Yanfei-1/+1
2013-02-23mm: fix return type for functions nr_free_*_pagesZhang Yanfei-4/+4
2013-02-23memcg: cleanup mem_cgroup_init commentMichal Hocko-4/+6
2013-02-23memcg: move memcg_stock initialization to mem_cgroup_initMichal Hocko-8/+12
2013-02-23memcg: move mem_cgroup_soft_limit_tree_init to mem_cgroup_initMichal Hocko-16/+3
2013-02-23mm: use up free swap space before reaching OOM killMinchan Kim-5/+10
2013-02-23mm: use NUMA_NO_NODEDavid Rientjes-23/+26
2013-02-23mmu_notifier_unregister NULL Pointer deref and multiple ->release() calloutsRobin Holt-40/+42
2013-02-23mm/memory_hotplug: use pgdat_end_pfn() instead of open coding the same.Cody P Schafer-1/+1
2013-02-23mm/memory_hotplug: use ensure_zone_is_initialized()Cody P Schafer-19/+10
2013-02-23mm: add helper ensure_zone_is_initialized()Cody P Schafer-0/+11
2013-02-23mm/page_alloc: add informative debugging message in page_outside_zone_boundar...Cody P Schafer-0/+7
2013-02-23mm/page_alloc: add a VM_BUG in __free_one_page() if the zone is uninitialized.Cody P Schafer-0/+2
2013-02-23mm: add & use zone_end_pfn() and zone_spans_pfn()Cody P Schafer-27/+22
2013-02-23mm/mlock.c: document scary-looking stack expansion mlock chainJohannes Weiner-0/+4
2013-02-23mm: refactor inactive_file_is_low() to use get_lru_size()Johannes Weiner-24/+6
2013-02-23mm: shmem: use new radix tree iteratorJohannes Weiner-13/+12
2013-02-23ksm: stop hotremove lockdep warningHugh Dickins-14/+41
2013-02-23mm: remove offlining arg to migrate_pagesHugh Dickins-38/+23
2013-02-23ksm: enable KSM page migrationHugh Dickins-20/+4
2013-02-23ksm: make !merge_across_nodes migration safeHugh Dickins-30/+134
2013-02-23ksm: make KSM page migration possibleHugh Dickins-22/+77
2013-02-23ksm: remove old stable nodes more thoroughlyHugh Dickins-14/+88
2013-02-23ksm: get_ksm_page lockedHugh Dickins-10/+13
2013-02-23ksm: reorganize ksm_check_stable_treeHugh Dickins-16/+22
2013-02-23ksm: trivial tidyupsHugh Dickins-26/+22
2013-02-23ksm: allow trees per NUMA nodePetr Holasek-19/+132
2013-02-23mm: rename page struct field helpersMel Gorman-13/+13
2013-02-23memcg: avoid dangling reference count in creation failure.Glauber Costa-0/+2
2013-02-23memcg: increment static branch right after limit setGlauber Costa-24/+7
2013-02-23memcg: replace cgroup_lock with memcg specific memcg_lockGlauber Costa-18/+21
2013-02-23memcg: fast hierarchy-aware child testGlauber Costa-7/+31
2013-02-23memcg: split part of memcg creation to css_onlineGlauber Costa-22/+40