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2016-02-04libceph: MOSDOpReply v7 encodingIlya Dryomov-0/+10
2016-02-04crush: decode and initialize chooseleaf_stableIlya Dryomov-5/+14
2016-02-04crush: add chooseleaf_stable tunableIlya Dryomov-4/+14
2016-02-04crush: ensure take bucket value is validIlya Dryomov-1/+2
2016-02-04crush: ensure bucket id is valid before indexing buckets arrayIlya Dryomov-2/+10
2016-01-21libceph: remove outdated commentIlya Dryomov-4/+0
2016-01-21libceph: kill off ceph_x_ticket_handler::validityIlya Dryomov-5/+2
2016-01-21libceph: invalidate AUTH in addition to a service ticketIlya Dryomov-2/+14
2016-01-21libceph: fix authorizer invalidation, take 2Ilya Dryomov-5/+23
2016-01-21libceph: clear messenger auth_retry flag if we faultIlya Dryomov-3/+7
2016-01-21libceph: fix ceph_msg_revoke()Ilya Dryomov-18/+58
2016-01-21libceph: use list_for_each_entry_safeGeliang Tang-9/+3
2016-01-21libceph: use list_next_entry instead of list_entry_nextGeliang Tang-5/+2
2015-11-13Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// Torvalds-87/+93
2015-11-05Merge branch 'next' of git:// Torvalds-4/+4
2015-11-02libceph: clear msg->con in ceph_msg_release() onlyIlya Dryomov-28/+20
2015-11-02libceph: add nocephx_sign_messages optionIlya Dryomov-1/+20
2015-11-02libceph: stop duplicating client fields in messengerIlya Dryomov-22/+10
2015-11-02libceph: drop authorizer check from cephx msg signing routinesIlya Dryomov-4/+1
2015-11-02libceph: msg signing callouts don't need con argumentIlya Dryomov-8/+10
2015-11-02libceph: evaluate osd_req_op_data() arguments only onceIoana Ciornei-5/+7
2015-11-02libceph: introduce ceph_x_authorizer_cleanup()Ilya Dryomov-12/+20
2015-11-02libceph: use local variable cursor instead of &msg->cursorShraddha Barke-6/+5
2015-11-02libceph: remove con argument in handle_reply()Shraddha Barke-3/+2
2015-10-21KEYS: Merge the type-specific data with the payload dataDavid Howells-4/+4
2015-10-16rbd: use writefull op for object size writesIlya Dryomov-4/+9
2015-09-17libceph: don't access invalid memory in keepalive2 pathIlya Dryomov-4/+5
2015-09-11Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// Torvalds-66/+111
2015-09-09libceph: check data_len in ->alloc_msg()Ilya Dryomov-40/+18
2015-09-08libceph: use keepalive2 to verify the mon session is aliveYan, Zheng-13/+84
2015-09-08libceph: set 'exists' flag for newly up osdYan, Zheng-1/+1
2015-09-08libceph: rename con_work() to ceph_con_workfn()Ilya Dryomov-3/+3
2015-09-08libceph: Avoid holding the zero page on ceph_msgr_slab_init errorsBenoît Canet-5/+5
2015-09-08libceph: remove the unused macro AES_KEY_SIZENicholas Krause-4/+0
2015-09-04fs: create and use seq_show_option for escapingKees Cook-2/+5
2015-07-09libceph: treat sockaddr_storage with uninitialized family as blankIlya Dryomov-7/+7
2015-07-09libceph: enable ceph in a non-default network namespaceIlya Dryomov-7/+19
2015-07-02Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// Torvalds-119/+197
2015-07-01crush: fix a bug in tree bucket decodeIlya Dryomov-1/+1
2015-06-29libceph: Fix ceph_tcp_sendpage()'s more boolean usageBenoît Canet-1/+1
2015-06-25libceph: Remove spurious kunmap() of the zero pageBenoît Canet-1/+0
2015-06-25crush: sync up with userspaceIlya Dryomov-75/+115
2015-06-25crush: fix crash from invalid 'take' argumentIlya Dryomov-2/+9
2015-06-25libceph: fix wrong name "Ceph filesystem for Linux"Hong Zhiguo-1/+1
2015-06-25libceph: a couple tweaks for wait loopsIlya Dryomov-5/+4
2015-06-25libceph: store timeouts in jiffies, verify user inputIlya Dryomov-20/+47
2015-06-25libceph: use kvfree() instead of open-coding itIlya Dryomov-4/+1
2015-06-25libceph: allow setting osd_req_op's flagsYan, Zheng-9/+15
2015-06-25libceph: properly release STAT request's raw_data_inYan, Zheng-0/+3
2015-06-01Merge git:// S. Miller-13/+20