path: root/net/ieee80211/softmac/ieee80211softmac_assoc.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorLines
2008-03-13the scheduled ieee80211 softmac removalAdrian Bunk-489/+0
2007-10-10[IEEE80211]: Fix softmac lockdep reports.Johannes Berg-4/+4
2007-10-10[NET]: Introduce and use print_mac() and DECLARE_MAC_BUF()Joe Perches-1/+3
2007-09-21[PATCH] softmac: Fix inability to associate with WEP networksLarry Finger-2/+0
2007-07-10[PATCH] softmac: Fix ESSID problemJean Tourrilhes-1/+4
2007-02-10[NET] IEEE80211: Fix whitespace errors.YOSHIFUJI Hideaki-10/+10
2006-12-19[PATCH] ieee80211softmac: Fix errors related to the work_struct changesUlrich Kunitz-2/+2
2006-12-10[PATCH] workstruct: fix ieee80211-softmac compile problemDavid Howells-1/+1
2006-12-07Merge branch 'upstream' of git:// Garzik-2/+12
2006-12-05[PATCH] softmac: Fixed handling of deassociation from APUlrich Kunitz-2/+12
2006-11-22WorkStruct: make allyesconfigDavid Howells-7/+11
2006-10-16[PATCH] softmac: Fix WX and association related racesMichael Buesch-29/+27
2006-07-27[PATCH] softmac: ERP handling and driver-level notificationsDaniel Drake-4/+17
2006-07-05[PATCH] softmac: fix build-break from 881ee6999d66c8fc903b429b73bbe6045b38c549John W. Linville-2/+2
2006-07-05[PATCH] SoftMAC: Add network to ieee80211softmac_call_events when associate t...Joseph Jezak-2/+4
2006-07-05[PATCH] SoftMAC: Prevent multiple authentication attempts on the same networkJoseph Jezak-5/+20
2006-06-05[PATCH] softmac: Fix handling of authentication failureDaniel Drake-3/+19
2006-05-05[PATCH] softmac: suggest per-frame-type TX rateDaniel Drake-12/+7
2006-05-05[PATCH] softmac: deauthentication implies deassociationDaniel Drake-22/+31
2006-05-05Merge branch 'upstream-fixes' into upstreamJohn W. Linville-2/+15
2006-05-05[PATCH] softmac: make non-operational after being stoppedDaniel Drake-2/+15
2006-04-24[PATCH] softmac: add SIOCSIWMLMEJohannes Berg-1/+1
2006-04-24[PATCH] softmac: fix SIOCSIWAPJohannes Berg-4/+16
2006-04-19[PATCH] softmac: fix event sendingJohannes Berg-0/+2
2006-04-19[PATCH] softmac: fix spinlock recursion on reassocMichael Buesch-1/+2
2006-03-23[PATCH] softmac: remove function_enter()John W. Linville-8/+1
2006-03-22[PATCH] softmac: remove dead codeJohannes Berg-7/+0
2006-03-22[PATCH] softmac: add reassociation codeJohannes Berg-0/+18
2006-03-22[PATCH] update copyright in softmacJohannes Berg-5/+5
2006-03-22[PATCH] softmac: add copyright and license headersJohannes Berg-0/+26
2006-03-22[PATCH] softmac: scan at least once before selecting a network by essidJohannes Berg-7/+8
2006-03-22[PATCH] softmac: check if disassociation is for us before processing itJohannes Berg-1/+4
2006-03-22[PATCH] softmac: select "best" network based on rssiJohannes Berg-4/+8
2006-03-22[PATCH] softmac: add fixme for disassocJohannes Berg-0/+1
2006-03-22[PATCH] softmac: try to reassociate when being disassociated from the APJohannes Berg-0/+1
2006-03-22[PATCH] softmac: correctly use netif_carrier_{on,off}Johannes Berg-2/+2
2006-03-22[PATCH] softmac: convert to use global workqueueJohannes Berg-2/+2
2006-03-22[PATCH] wireless: Add softmac layer to the kernelJohannes Berg-0/+356