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2016-04-14ipv6: udp: Do a route lookup and update during release_cbMartin KaFai Lau-0/+21
2016-04-14ipv6: datagram: Update dst cache of a connected datagram sk during pmtu updateMartin KaFai Lau-9/+23
2016-04-14ipv6: datagram: Refactor dst lookup and update codes to a new functionMartin KaFai Lau-46/+57
2016-04-14ipv6: datagram: Refactor flowi6 init codes to a new functionMartin KaFai Lau-20/+30
2016-04-13net: ipv6: Do not keep linklocal and loopback addressesDavid Ahern-2/+10
2016-04-11net: vrf: Fix dev refcnt leak due to IPv6 prefix routeDavid Ahern-0/+10
2016-04-11net: vrf: Fix dst reference countingDavid Ahern-3/+4
2016-04-07ipv6: Count in extension headers in skb->network_headerJakub Sitnicki-4/+4
2016-04-05ip6_tunnel: set rtnl_link_ops before calling register_netdeviceThadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo-1/+1
2016-03-30ipv6: udp: fix UDP_MIB_IGNOREDMULTI updatesEric Dumazet-2/+2
2016-03-28netfilter: x_tables: enforce nul-terminated table name from getsockopt GET_EN...Pablo Neira Ayuso-0/+2
2016-03-28netfilter: x_tables: fix unconditional helperFlorian Westphal-12/+11
2016-03-28netfilter: x_tables: make sure e->next_offset covers remaining blob sizeFlorian Westphal-2/+4
2016-03-28netfilter: x_tables: validate e->target_offset earlyFlorian Westphal-9/+8
2016-03-23net: ping: make ping_v6_sendmsg staticHaishuang Yan-30/+29
2016-03-20tunnels: Remove encapsulation offloads on decap.Jesse Gross-2/+4
2016-03-20tunnels: Don't apply GRO to multiple layers of encapsulation.Jesse Gross-1/+14
2016-03-19Merge git:// Torvalds-413/+584
2016-03-17Merge branch 'linus' of git:// Torvalds-10/+13
2016-03-15tags: Fix DEFINE_PER_CPU expansionsPeter Zijlstra-2/+1
2016-03-14Merge git:// S. Miller-22/+8
2016-03-14netfilter: Allow calling into nat helper without skb_dst.Jarno Rajahalme-22/+8
2016-03-14tcp: Add RFC4898 tcpEStatsPerfDataSegsOut/InMartin KaFai Lau-1/+1
2016-03-13ipv6: Pass proto to csum_ipv6_magic as __u8 instead of unsigned shortAlexander Duyck-2/+1
2016-03-13netconf: add macro to represent all attributesZhang Shengju-15/+21
2016-03-11ip_tunnel: add support for setting flow label via collect metadataDaniel Borkmann-3/+3
2016-03-08ipv6: per netns FIB garbage collectionMichal Kubeček-5/+4
2016-03-08ipv6: per netns fib6 walkersMichal Kubeček-32/+36
2016-03-08ipv6: replace global gc_args with local variableMichal Kubeček-6/+8
2016-03-08Merge git:// S. Miller-116/+180
2016-03-08Merge git:// S. Miller-7/+12
2016-03-07udp6: fix UDP/IPv6 encap resubmit pathBill Sommerfeld-4/+2
2016-03-03net: ipv6: Fix refcnt on host routesDavid Ahern-5/+3
2016-03-03ipv6: re-enable fragment header matching in ipv6_find_hdrFlorian Westphal-1/+5
2016-03-03mld, igmp: Fix reserved tailroom calculationBenjamin Poirier-2/+1
2016-03-02netfilter: nft_masq: support port rangePablo Neira Ayuso-1/+6
2016-03-02netfilter: xtables: don't hook tables by defaultFlorian Westphal-85/+137
2016-03-02netfilter: xtables: prepare for on-demand hook registerFlorian Westphal-30/+37
2016-03-01net: remove skb_sender_cpu_clear()WANG Cong-1/+0
2016-03-01net: ipv6/l3mdev: Move host route on saved address if necessaryDavid Ahern-0/+26
2016-02-26GSO: Provide software checksum of tunneled UDP fragmentation offloadAlexander Duyck-1/+7
2016-02-25net: ipv6: Make address flushing on ifdown optionalDavid Ahern-15/+121
2016-02-23tunnel: Clear IPCB(skb)->opt before dst_link_failure calledBernie Harris-0/+4
2016-02-23Merge git:// S. Miller-16/+90
2016-02-21ila: autoload moduleRobert Shearman-0/+1
2016-02-19net: use skb_postpush_rcsum instead of own implementationsDaniel Borkmann-4/+2
2016-02-19ipv6: pass up EMSGSIZE msg for UDP socket in Ipv6Wei Wang-9/+11
2016-02-19rtnl: RTM_GETNETCONF: fix wrong return valueAnton Protopopov-1/+1
2016-02-18gre: clear IFF_TX_SKB_SHARINGJiri Benc-0/+1
2016-02-18iptunnel: scrub packet in iptunnel_pull_headerJiri Benc-1/+1