path: root/net/rds/ib_recv.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorLines
2016-04-07RDS: fix congestion map corruption for PAGE_SIZE > 4kshamir rabinovitch-1/+1
2015-11-06mm, page_alloc: distinguish between being unable to sleep, unwilling to sleep...Mel Gorman-2/+2
2015-10-05RDS: IB: ack more receive completions to improve performanceSantosh Shilimkar-99/+37
2015-09-09Merge tag 'for-linus' of git:// Torvalds-3/+3
2015-08-30rds/ib: Remove ib_get_dma_mr callsJason Gunthorpe-3/+3
2015-08-25RDS: fix the dangling reference to
2015-08-25rds: Fix improper gfp_t usage.David S. Miller-1/+1
2015-08-25RDS: make sure we post recv
2015-08-25RDS: always free recv frag as we free its ring
2015-05-18RDS: Switch to generic logging helpersSagi Grimberg-2/+2
2014-11-24rds: switch ->inc_copy_to_user() to passing iov_iterAl Viro-26/+11
2014-04-18arch: Mass conversion of smp_mb__*()Peter Zijlstra-2/+2
2014-01-17net: rds: fix per-cpu helper usageGerald Schaefer-4/+3
2012-12-26IB/rds: Correct ib_api use with gs_dma_address/sg_dma_lenMarciniszyn, Mike-3/+6
2012-11-19net: rds: use this_cpu_* per-cpu helperShan Wei-11/+13
2012-03-21Merge branch 'kmap_atomic' of git:// Torvalds-4/+3
2012-03-20rds: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()Cong Wang-4/+3
2012-02-09rds: Fix typo in iw_recv.c and ib_recv.cMasanari Iida-1/+1
2010-09-08RDS/IB: print string constants in more placesZach Brown-5/+7
2010-09-08RDS: properly use sg_init_tableChris Mason-0/+1
2010-09-08RDS: remove __init and __exit annotationZach Brown-1/+1
2010-09-08RDS/IB: Use SLAB_HWCACHE_ALIGN flag for kmem_cache_create()Andy Grover-2/+2
2010-09-08RDS/IB: always process recv completionsZach Brown-8/+12
2010-09-08RDS/IB: Make ib_recv_refill return voidAndy Grover-5/+1
2010-09-08RDS: use friendly gfp masks for prefillChris Mason-9/+18
2010-09-08RDS/IB: Add caching of frags and incsChris Mason-52/+269
2010-09-08RDS/IB: Remove ib_recv_unmap_page()Andy Grover-20/+2
2010-09-08RDS: Assume recv->r_frag is always NULL in refill_one()Andy Grover-13/+16
2010-09-08RDS: Use page_remainder_alloc() for recv bufsAndy Grover-67/+27
2010-09-08rds: don't let RDS shutdown a connection while senders are presentChris Mason-12/+0
2010-09-08RDS: Refill recv ring directly from taskletAndy Grover-14/+8
2010-09-08RDS/IB: Remove ib_[header/data]_sge() functionsAndy Grover-11/+11
2010-09-08RDS/IB: Disallow connections less than RDS 3.1Andy Grover-42/+1
2010-09-08RDS: inc_purge() transport function unused - remove itAndy Grover-1/+1
2010-09-08RDS: cleanup: remove "== NULL"s and "!= NULL"s in ptr comparisonsAndy Grover-10/+10
2010-04-11Merge branch 'master' of S. Miller-0/+1
2010-03-30include cleanup: Update gfp.h and slab.h includes to prepare for breaking imp...Tejun Heo-0/+1
2010-03-16RDS: Do not BUG() on error returned from ib_post_sendAndy Grover-2/+2
2009-11-29net: Move && and || to end of previous lineJoe Perches-6/+6
2009-10-30RDS/IB+IW: Move recv processing to a taskletAndy Grover-6/+22
2009-10-30RDS: Fix potential race around rds_i[bw]_allocationAndy Grover-3/+4
2009-07-20RDS/IB: Rename byte_len to data_len to enhance readabilityAndy Grover-6/+6
2009-07-20RDS/IB: Handle connections using RDS 3.0 wire protocolAndy Grover-1/+42
2009-04-09RDS/IW+IB: Allow max credit advertise window.Steve Wise-1/+1
2009-04-02RDS: Use spinlock to protect 64b value update on 32b archsAndy Grover-2/+35
2009-02-26RDS/IB: Receive datagrams via IBAndy Grover-0/+869