path: root/net/sunrpc/rpc_pipe.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorLines
2016-04-04mm, fs: get rid of PAGE_CACHE_* and page_cache_{get,release} macrosKirill A. Shutemov-2/+2
2016-01-22wrappers for ->i_mutex accessAl Viro-30/+30
2016-01-14kmemcg: account certain kmem allocations to memcgVladimir Davydov-1/+1
2015-04-15VFS: net/: d_inode() annotationsDavid Howells-16/+16
2014-07-12rpc_pipe: Drop memory allocation castHimangi Saraogi-1/+1
2013-12-10rpc_pipe: fix cleanup of dummy gssd directory when notification failsJeff Layton-1/+13
2013-12-06sunrpc: add an "info" file for the dummy gssd pipeJeff Layton-1/+49
2013-12-06rpc_pipe: remove the clntXX dir if creating the pipe failsJeff Layton-0/+2
2013-12-06sunrpc: replace sunrpc_net->gssd_running flag with a more reliable checkJeff Layton-4/+10
2013-12-06sunrpc: create a new dummy pipe for gssd to hold openJeff Layton-3/+90
2013-11-15consolidate simple ->d_delete() instancesAl Viro-10/+1
2013-10-24sunrpc: switch to %pdAl Viro-6/+6
2013-09-01SUNRPC: Add a helper to allow sharing of rpc_pipefs directory objectsTrond Myklebust-0/+35
2013-09-01SUNRPC: Remove the rpc_client->cl_dentryTrond Myklebust-6/+7
2013-08-30SUNRPC: Add a framework to clean up management of rpc_pipefs directoriesTrond Myklebust-2/+132
2013-08-30SUNRPC: Deprecate rpc_client->cl_protnameTrond Myklebust-1/+1
2013-07-23rpc_pipe: convert back to simple_dir_inode_operationsJeff Layton-18/+1
2013-07-14Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// Torvalds-27/+13
2013-07-14sunrpc: now we can just set ->s_d_opAl Viro-3/+2
2013-07-14__rpc_lookup_create_exclusive: pass string instead of qstrAl Viro-25/+9
2013-07-14rpc_create_*_dir: don't bother with qstrAl Viro-6/+8
2013-07-09rpc_pipe: rpc_dir_inode_operations can be staticFengguang Wu-1/+1
2013-07-09rpc_pipe: set dentry operations at d_alloc timeJeff Layton-5/+20
2013-06-28SUNRPC: fix races on PipeFS UMOUNT notificationsStanislav Kinsbursky-1/+1
2013-06-28SUNRPC: fix races on PipeFS MOUNT notificationsStanislav Kinsbursky-0/+3
2013-06-18rpc_pipefs: only set rpc_dentry_ops if d_op isn't already setJeff Layton-1/+2
2013-05-16SUNRPC: Convert auth_gss pipe detection to work in namespacesTrond Myklebust-0/+1
2013-05-16SUNRPC: Faster detection if gssd is actually runningTrond Myklebust-0/+4
2013-03-12fs: Readd the fs module aliases.Eric W. Biederman-0/+1
2013-03-03fs: Limit sys_mount to only request filesystem modules.Eric W. Biederman-3/+1
2013-02-22new helper: file_inode(file)Al Viro-5/+5
2012-12-11Merge branch 'bugfixes' into nfs-for-nextTrond Myklebust-1/+6
2012-11-08SUNRPC: Fix validity issues with rpc_pipefs sb->s_fs_infoTrond Myklebust-1/+6
2012-11-04SUNRPC: remove BUG_ON in rpc_put_sb_netWeston Andros Adamson-1/+1
2012-10-01SUNRPC: Clean up dprintk messages in rpc_pipe.cChuck Lever-4/+4
2012-06-11rpc_pipefs: allow rpc_purge_list to take a NULL waitq pointerJeff Layton-6/+6
2012-05-29Merge tag 'nfs-for-3.5-1' of git:// Torvalds-6/+4
2012-05-21Merge branch 'bugfixes' into nfs-for-nextTrond Myklebust-5/+3
2012-05-16rpc_pipefs: clear write bit from top level rpc_pipefs directoryJeff Layton-1/+1
2012-05-14sunrpc: fix kernel-doc warningsRandy Dunlap-5/+3
2012-05-10vfs: make it possible to access the dentry hash/len as one 64-bit entryLinus Torvalds-5/+2
2012-04-27SUNRPC: set per-net PipeFS superblock before notificationStanislav Kinsbursky-1/+2
2012-03-29Merge branch 'for-3.4' of git:// Torvalds-0/+5
2012-03-26sunrpc: create nfsd dir in rpc_pipefsJeff Layton-0/+5
2012-03-23Merge tag 'nfs-for-3.4-1' of git:// Torvalds-194/+307
2012-03-20switch open-coded instances of d_make_root() to new helperAl Viro-6/+2
2012-03-11SUNRPC: Fix a few sparse warningsTrond Myklebust-1/+1
2012-03-02SUNRPC: Move clnt->cl_server into struct rpc_xprtTrond Myklebust-1/+2
2012-03-02SUNRPC: Use RCU to dereference the rpc_clnt.cl_xprt fieldTrond Myklebust-0/+3
2012-02-27SUNRPC: move waitq from RPC pipe to RPC inodeStanislav Kinsbursky-13/+26