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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorLines
2016-03-19Merge git:// Torvalds-221/+255
2016-03-17Merge branch 'linus' of git:// Torvalds-64/+81
2016-03-08Merge git:// S. Miller-12/+50
2016-03-04wireless: use reset to set mac headerZhang Shengju-1/+1
2016-03-01Merge tag 'mac80211-next-for-davem-2016-02-26' of git:// S. Miller-220/+254
2016-02-24cfg80211: add radiotap VHT info to rtap_namespace_sizesLorenzo Bianconi-0/+1
2016-02-24cfg80211: Add global RRM capabilityBeni Lev-7/+11
2016-02-24cfg80211: reuse existing page fragments in A-MSDU rxFelix Fietkau-5/+77
2016-02-24cfg80211: fix faulty variable initialization in ieee80211_amsdu_to_8023sFelix Fietkau-1/+1
2016-02-24cfg80211: basic support for PBSS network typeLior David-3/+17
2016-02-24cfg80211: add support for non-linear skbs in ieee80211_amsdu_to_8023sFelix Fietkau-51/+49
2016-02-24cfg80211: add function for 802.3 conversion with separate output bufferFelix Fietkau-53/+53
2016-02-24mac80211: move A-MSDU skb_linearize call to ieee80211_amsdu_to_8023sFelix Fietkau-0/+3
2016-02-24cfg80211: Fix some linguistics in KconfigOla Olsson-6/+6
2016-02-24cfg80211: add more warnings for inconsistent opsOla Olsson-0/+10
2016-02-23cfg80211: stop critical protocol session upon disconnect eventArend van Spriel-0/+6
2016-02-23nl80211: Zero out the connection keys memory when freeing them.Ola Olsson-1/+1
2016-01-29cfg80211/wext: fix message orderingJohannes Berg-1/+4
2016-01-29wext: fix message delay/orderingJohannes Berg-11/+40
2016-01-27lib80211: Use skcipher and ahashHerbert Xu-64/+81
2016-01-14cfg80211/mac80211: use to_delayed_workGeliang Tang-2/+1
2016-01-14cfg80211: remove CFG80211_REG_DEBUGJohannes Berg-101/+34
2016-01-14regulatory: fix world regulatory domain dataJohannes Berg-5/+7
2016-01-14wireless: change cfg80211 regulatory domain info as debug messagesDave Young-15/+18
2015-12-17Merge git:// S. Miller-2/+8
2015-12-15nl80211: Fix potential memory leak in nl80211_connectOla Olsson-1/+3
2015-12-15nl80211: Fix potential memory leak in nl80211_set_wowlanOla Olsson-0/+1
2015-12-15nl80211: fix a few memory leaks in reg.cOla Olsson-1/+4
2015-12-04cfg80211: reg: Refactor calculation of bandwidth flagsMichal Sojka-54/+37
2015-12-04cfg80211: handle add_station auth/assoc flag quirksJohannes Berg-4/+19
2015-12-04cfg80211: use NL80211_ATTR_STA_AID in nl82011_set_stationAyala Beker-2/+2
2015-12-04cfg80211: Add support for aborting an ongoing scanVidyullatha Kanchanapally-0/+38
2015-12-04cfg80211: Remove unused cfg80211_can_use_iftype_chan()Michal Sojka-121/+0
2015-12-04cfg80211: reg: Remove unused function parameterMichal Sojka-4/+3
2015-12-04cfg80211: ocb: Fix null pointer deref if join_ocb is unimplementedOla Olsson-0/+3
2015-12-04lib80211: ratelimit key index mismatchJohannes Berg-4/+4
2015-12-04cfg80211: replace ieee80211_ie_split() with an inlineJohannes Berg-7/+0
2015-12-04cfg80211: add complete data to station add/change tracingJohannes Berg-0/+38
2015-12-04cfg80211: Add missing tracing to cfg80211Ilan Peer-5/+108
2015-11-03cfg80211: allow AID/listen interval changes for unassociated stationAyala Beker-9/+18
2015-11-03nl80211: Fix potential memory leak from parse_acl_dataOla Olsson-6/+6
2015-10-16cfg80211: reg: fix reg_ignore_cell_hint return typeJohannes Berg-1/+2
2015-10-16cfg80211: reg: reduce chan_reg_rule_print_dbg() ifdefJohannes Berg-9/+2
2015-10-16cfg80211: reg: fix antenna gain in chan_reg_rule_print_dbg()Johannes Berg-2/+2
2015-10-16cfg80211: reg: centralize freeing ignored requestsJohannes Berg-29/+35
2015-10-16cfg80211: reg: clarify 'treatment' handling in reg_process_hint()Johannes Berg-7/+9
2015-10-16cfg80211: reg: rename reg_regdb_query() to reg_query_builtin()Johannes Berg-3/+3
2015-10-16cfg80211: reg: make CRDA support optionalJohannes Berg-73/+114
2015-10-15cfg80211: reg: remove useless reg_timeout schedulingJohannes Berg-8/+2
2015-10-15cfg80211: reg: search built-in database directlyJohannes Berg-44/+58